Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The LION showed up

Oops...I wrote too soon of the lamb being present for us in the Pacific North West this March!
Was my mare ever shocked when this "snowballish" precipitation started to fall upon us. I had to pull her head up for the picture...she was nose- to- the- ground and all business on getting home again!~

I started my solo ride with the bottom half of this picture...bright blue skies with puffy white non-threatening ones hanging there... ..
the blackened- mad- upper half, occurred while I was not looking!


  1. today i had the unique experience of trees throwing snowballs at me and baasha. the sun was shining on the snow, and big chunks were falling down in the woods all around us, and on us!

    he's used to it, and only spooked once. i am not used to it, so i spooked many times. it honestly felt like snowball attacks from above. and then the trees would shake their branches and a fine mist of frozen bits would float down, getting in my eyes and baasha's ears. how rude!

    but thankfully the snow was soft underfoot, not dangerous, so we could go out.

    i'm so sick of this!


  2. WOW that's an amazing cloud picture, Kaci!

  3. i'm with Funder, that cloud photo is amazing!

  4. Mountain weather.... The snow looks pretty falling on Wa though.

  5. It's snowing here, too! Well, it's been snowing and flurrying since Sunday night. Spring where are you???!!

    That last photo is amazing with the contrasts. And I love seeing the snow falling on Wa's mane. Like pearl beads festooning her mane. So pretty!


  6. We had that very same sunshine - snow attack - sunshine - two weeks ago. I can't believe you captured that with your camera. Your Wa is so good.

  7. All you guys are the doctors remedy for a tough day, I tell ya!
    In pain here with my "horse Elbow, but smiling and relaxing!

    We all just have to be a bit patient with MS. Spring..she is fickle sometimes!

  8. Yeah, we get all your weather a day later...

  9. Very pretty snow pic of your mare.

  10. Kac--76 degrees and sun yesterday. Perfect for my dressage lesson! Finally. We have had a wet, cold (for us) winter and it is finally ending (God willing!)....
    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the header pic of you and Wa girl. It is brilliant. That is a pic you need to frame! I have so few of J. and I that I like, I am envious. You need to come to Texas and bring your camera, what do you use?
    Oh. And come to ride too, of course :)!

  11. Oh, gee.
    When I first saw the headline for this blog post (and the horse-head view), I thought you might have encountered a mountain lion on the trail ...

    Non-horsey folks think trail riding is tame ... not always so.


    THE MANE POINT – a haven for horse lovers

    Love the tie-dyed background on your blog!

  12. KK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"M BACK!!!!!!!!! LOL I got your comment and your # I'll call ya soon! I kept trying to read through your blog and it kept taking me to something that was NOT your blog??? it said something about google gadget :flickr photos for igoogle and it wont let me read??? :-( I've tried everything? is this happening to anyone else? It doesnt do it on anyone elses blog! <3 and missed you sooooo much I wondered why you hadnt called me! Talk soon!

  13. Love that top photo! Hope spring visits you for real soon!

  14. Whew! Gotta love spring and it's ever changing faces!

  15. You manage to take the best shots on the back of the Mare!


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