Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sunday Stills Wildflowers

I had to pull off the side of the road for these beauties below....and while people honked horns, I enjoyed finding different stages of bloom for my chosen subject~

Queen Anne's Lace is my favorite Wildflower...can you tell?!!

Of course, I had to have the token Columbine was looking very pretty by the log that I use to get back on my mare to ride, after closing the gate.

Ed has given us such fun challenges! Please do visit his SUNDAY STILLS web page, for More views of Wildflowers!


  1. Queen Anne's lace is beautiful! All of your pictures turned out great! Happy 4th of July weekend!

  2. Very nice pictures - some day I'll have to learn to use our better camera so I can take nice pictures like those.

  3. Is the pink one Queen Ann's Lace, the one that looks very Queen Annie but it is pinkish? All ours are white.

  4. What lovely pictures. I hope you dont mind if we follow your blog?

  5. I love your perspective on that last one. Just a touch of sun to mimic the flowers.

  6. I'm lovin' Wa in the background with the Columbine one. Horses and flowers...perfect! All these shots are beautiful, but the last one is especially creative. Happy Fourth to you!

  7. Pony G~ Thanks sweetie!
    Gail~ YEPPERS...I Did not realize the different stages have color to them!
    Karenbrae...OH!! Follow on and Lead and Share too!! Thanks!
    Nuzz~ Yea..I love getting below the subject!Thanks
    J rosey~Yea..had to have my mare in one..she did not want to stand and it made for a dificut shot..that is why she is oin only one as well!

  8. Oh lovely wild flowers...Love them all and never seen before me considering where I am in this part of the world.

  9. Very nice. I wish I was that creative.

  10. Great shots of Queen Anne's lace. Hope you have a great weekend.

  11. Kate~ I am just usuing a pentax digital camera for now and though i want to get my real camera fixed and use my macro lense again...this works for the beating I give it on the trails and at the barn!

    Pacey~ I am so glad to giver you a new view!Thanks for stoppin' in!

    Janice~ Well, I was not that creative till...I was!Mine was developed and still is being.

    Grey horse~ Thanks, we are trying to stay cool around here..not used to the heat like this

  12. peace serenity outa these flowers

    hope you had a blessed 4th

  13. Queen Anne's Lace is just beautiful! I sure need to get out to the country more often. Thanks for stopping by my place.

  14. Love the queen anne. Didn't know that was what it was called! Also see that you captured a horse in one of your!

  15. Horse folks thinking alike...I captured Queen Anne's Lace, too.

    I especially like your shot taken from below!

  16. LOVE your QAL shot ;). What wonderful photos - columbine has long been one of my favorites - reminds me of the high country from my backpacking day. Is your knee doing better?

  17. GP~ Thanks sweet...had and having a great 3 day wkend!

    GiGi~the country is good for a great many things..I always find refreshment in the sights and sounds.
    You are welcome to come along with me anytime!Here or litteraly!

    Tammy~Had to get the mare in ther are aleways sooo faithful to keep your blog horsey for the namesake too!

    Oregon Equestrian~yep we two can be like minded!

    Red Horse~ Yes! It turned out to be a flesh wound(without broken skin)just sore to the touch.I am tired though from the fall.

  18. The Queen Anne's Lace with the pinkish edging is so lovely! Enjoyed your latest story and photos with Mt. Hood also. What a lovely and different landscape in which you live!

  19. Those are great! I would have had to stop to take shots of those too.

  20. I missed this challenge being out of town. But I'm glad I was able to see your photos. Just stunning Kacy. Wow!



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