Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It'll give you a SMILE

Please go on over to DI's place at Le Puy and watch a really cute and cool video has she...a horse agility course~
It puts a bit of a twist on Natural Horsemanship! Maybe this is what I should do to get into shape!!! It looks to be a workout!
Have made my husbands night to see the guy!


  1. Thanks for sharing that Kacy! I'm totally motivated to set something up like that in my arena. A smaller version for sure, but what fun! What a great activity to keep their mind sharp & have fun at the same time! LOVE IT! :)

  2. On my way over to check it out!

    Enjoyed my visit to your blog!

  3. Hi Kacy Girl, glad I popped over here today. Read your post from yesterday...I can so relate. Thank you for sharing. I wish I could be more of a quiet, faithful waiter. I tend to be rather vocal about how I'm feeling on the inside, you up and share or bust, kind of gal. I pray for patience and faith daily. God continues to send me lessons in patience. Think maybe I need to stop praying for that. :) You've quietly inspired me today, for like you, I am struggling with worldly things over which I have no control. Frustration is my middle name sometimes. I will continue to wait and try to be patient and above all...remain ever faithful, come what may. I love you Kacy girl...I love GP of Manely Montana too. She inspires me all the time. I've been riding 2x a week lately and it is good!! Riding and spending time with my horses always helps me. Chin up and all will work out as it should. I'm going to go check out that video now. Bye-bye...


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