Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunday Stills Salsa

Now how fun is this!  Ed , our underwriter of "SUNDAY STILLS", has Chosen "Hot sauces" or "SALSA" to be the focus of our cameras this week.
I realize that this could be dancing, or the tremendously popular condiment I found out began in the 1500's. The Aztecs, Mayans and Incas contributed firstly to it's development.
All I know from there is- we love it in our household and next year, wish to have a garden to make it ourselves...till then, enjoy these pics of what we now consume for Salsa-the condiment.

This handily packaged grouping came from our local "Baja Fresh"  healthy fast food place.

 Salsa is truly one of mans best creations- from nature!

This salsa was home made and gifted to us. It had so much garlic in it, it's a wonder the cat even sat on our laps!

I found this one at a local grocery store..and we really love it's taste. It is made here, in Portland, Oregon!

Now Salsa dancing is another multi -origin favorite!
This was a painting on a wall of a Mexican dining facility. It was so pretty, I moved plants and a table to get the shot of it before the waitress came back!

Viva la Variedad,
Viva la Salsa!

Do have some Feisty fun and visit others Unique views of the world famous dance/condiment, by


  1. I can almost smell the Hot Hot Hot!

  2. Viva el Salsa, well done..:-)

  3. Yummers!! I love the painting. :)

  4. moved plants and a table?? That is so like me!! Got to have a picture perfect shot, right? I love it! All that salsa makes me hungry.


  5. Great selection of photos! I love the mural painting. OK...two things I've got to try; Baja Fresh and Bull Ring Salsa. I was raised in Hillsboro and have never heard of Bull Ring Salsa; but my family didn't get into spicy food. We raised potatoes and that's what we ate!

  6. Well, of course the Bull Ring recipe originated in New Mexico! hehe! All things hot and tasty seem to come from our Land of Enchantment. :D


    word verification: skinee
    I think salsa and chips will make you skinee. lol!

  7. After the salsa and chips, we need to dance it off!

  8. Kacy,

    We're wanting to make our own salsa this summer too. Know of any great recipes that don't involve cilantro? I can't eat cilantro. :(


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