Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday Rider

Little by little, the sunshine has appeared itself  here in the West...emerging from the overcast days.
I don't care what that little bugger of a groundhog said....we can hang onto hope can't we!
To go view other's light and bright shadow shots...Click  here HEY HARRIET ~


  1. I love it!

  2. That's a brilliant pic, thanks for sharing it.

  3. NIIIICE! Very elegant. It would do for the "textures" shot from last week, too.

    wv = prologyr = The sunshine is a welcome prolog(ue) to the coming yr.

  4. I love this picture! How in the world did you ever get it. I'm so done with winter here, can't wait for spring. I'd like to strangle that little rodent for his prediction!

  5. I love this shadow shot. Perfect!
    I'm hanging on to hope here in Utah, too. I want to start riding the trails again!

  6. Hope is everything!! Don't ever give up on Hope. Never!!

    I loved this shot. I think it is so creative and just perfect. It's a piece of ART!

    Hello sunshine :) Lord give our Kacey a bright sunny day!! real soon.


  7. The groundhog lives in New's snowing again and we can expect it to snow off and on all week. bah!

    Your photo is a breath of summer!


  8. groundhog day. i have no idea when it is/was really, except that i've heard it in blogs recently.

    we were at our fave greek restaurant the other day and talking with a friend and the waitress about the snow, and how much longer we'll have snow. could be months, they said.

    i said "well in america we have this funny holiday where a little animal comes out of the ground and decides if we'll get more winter or not. they made a film of it actually."

    and they had both seen the film, or heard of it, and they tried to remember the german name for the film. i could not help with that.

    i remember clearly the waitress saying, "it's a mole! a mole comes out of the ground and decides about the weather."

    i just kind of shook my head - i have no idea what "groundhog" is in german and that's not really important anyway.

    yah now we have something called "karneval" (mardi gras) that's been goin on since november - it's true - it lasts months here - and i'm starting to not spook at people who are in costumes going about their daily lives.

    the difference in holidays is one of the hardest parts of adjusting to another culture.


  9. Great shot.... I keep finding all these horse blogs, my daughter loves horses, and often jokes she was born to the wrong family, no horses here.

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