Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It has been so WONDERFUL to be able to ride with my sissy more  this visit.
We have gone out  almost every day, since her arrival last Friday. The weather has been holding nicely in the upper 50's and will get to 60 this week!

I got us into a bit of trouble though Saturday...went to local trails and thought I had them memorized..took a wrong turn...and ended up coming home in the dark almost! 
We need to ride these local trails NOW- while we can...before they are logged soon. The markers are in place, all over the area's we ride for logging. It has been 25 years since they last were and the trees are gorgeous!

So we went back to these local trails again yesterday earlier in the day...and I took my marking ribbons this time!

We followed Pantz mare alot...and Wa was perfectly calm in back for a change!

It was darker in the woods for my B/W camera setting...but I did manage to capture the Mountain here.

Going home is always nice...towards the sun!
Hope your week is going well and continues to brighten for you all!


  1. Your lucky to have trails like that close to home.

  2. Beautiful trails! I need to get out on my horses more, now that the daylight is starting to last longer. Must be nice to have someone to ride with right now. I hate going out alone, even though I do, company is always better!

  3. Thanks for taking me along again - I love that riding into the sun!

  4. You lucky girl!!! It's in the twenties and snowing here, has snowed for days and days. The white stuff is really getting deep! Gilly and Pokey both are very spooky for some reason, hope there isn't a big cat lurking around!!!
    You should hop over to my blog and sign up for the give away!!! :-D

  5. Very lucky indeed.. we had almost 5 inches of snow on the ground BEFORE Sunday/Monday's storm which dumped another 9 to 12 inches. They are saying MORE this coming weekend...

    No trail riding for me until I can see something resembling dirt. Only because I'm not familiar with the trails around the new barn.

    Enjoy our sister and Pantz =)

  6. Love the Pantz mare - but then I love mares! So nice that you're getting to take rides together - how lovely!

  7. Beautiful days and your sister to ride with, it can't get much better than that.

  8. It doesn't get much better than this!

  9. What a beautiful area to ride. Gorgeous photos.

  10. I love your photos and that you and your sister and your mares are having such great rides! Your temperatures make me jealous. That is sad about the trees. I don't know how I would live if my favorite trees were cut down periodically! Enjoy those particular trails while you can.

  11. Thanks every one...I feel kinda like a heel showing all the ground when- most of you have white ground still.
    Oregon usually has some of the crappiest weather, along with grey and rain about now...but I am praising God that at least this time... I can ride in the sun with my sissy!

    Yea, it will be discouraging for me, and all that ride the area's forests, to have the beautiful tree friends cut down and the trails mangled..but, that I fear, is the sacrifice for having thousands of acres to be able to ride upon...it is usable /renewable.

  12. That looks like so much fun! I really want to be able to take my mare trail riding someday. Maybe a nice day when I have a death wish, or in another 20 years. We'll do it someday ;0) Beautiful photos!!



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