Monday, February 8, 2010


PLEASE visit Grey Horse Matters to read about this unfortunate and inhumane riding practice. She ( and many others on my blog roll) has links to videos of it being used, should you not be familiar.
 I am praying very hard that intervention comes swiftly for all lovely horses!


  1. Hey Kacy..I put this on my sidebar so people can see it everyday. Yes, we need to pressure those idiots out of doing this to horses!

  2. Thanks Kacy for putting this up. Like Billie said it's sort of a protest with us holding up signs on our blogs. One little piece at a time helps to put the whole together and hopefully eventually it will be stopped.

  3. Prayer vigil and actions taken from those with a well heard voices...It is the best/most we may do in hopes of this obscene practice against Gods Creatures!

  4. Hey Kacy, I've never heard of this! Terrible! I was having a problem with my trainer putting a more harsh bit in our horses' mouths! Next step up from a snaffle bit....not bad. Nothing compared to this!

  5. After years of working at large showing/training facilities I can attest to some horrific training tactics. Although I was always managing the breed/foaling program, I had to see this stuff on a daily basis. I could write a book. I always warn friends about "certain" professional barns in the Arabian business. Too often, clients are uneducated with training methods, and just want THEIR horse to win. At all costs!

    I was never more happy than when I finally made the decision to leave the buisness. I still do breeding work for a couple of vets in my area, and that is enough for me! Oh, and loving my five equine kids and knowing I will never, ever send them away to a traing facility!
    Thanks for passing on the word, KK!

  6. The Parelli's and Walter Zettl are standing up to it now as well. I think the tide is turning. Anky...your Rollkur days are numbered.

  7. Amen Kacy!!! I don't even want to know specifically what it involves. I do not believe in that kind of headset though...too often have seen damaged necks and spinal vertebrae here at the clinic and more and more often we are doing spinal/neck/SI joint injections to help with damaged discs. Horses are so much better when they can be natural. It's really not rocket science, but shortcuts in the form of cruelty abound. Too much evil in this world!

  8. Thanks for supporting the Ban...we got it, just hope it helps!


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