Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Stills The letter G

......Is for GATE, and opening it while upon a horse.

My sister took her time with this and her mare Pantz, is particularly Good at maneuvering around calmly to get the job done.

She started by facing the latch on her right (or in this case-the bungee cord) and opened it for me to go forth with my horse. Then, she walked Pantz  around the GATE.

Her hand never left the GATEas she then backed Pantz up to reattach it's fastener. I was properly impressed!
Um....I normally get off at the GATE ....
and remount on the other side. I need much more practice with GATES!

PLEASE GO see more photo's that are about the Letter "G" today!  - HERE- with our host, Ed Prescot


  1. Great series of Gate opening photos. Well done!

  2. Pantz is a GREAT horse to stand so patient while your sister opens and closes the GATE. Clever idea for a G them, too. :)


  3. Ha Ha! Jackson and I are just beginning our sojourn into gates...
    He did one successfully the other day with my friend aboard, and it was a really hard one too! Since I don't have the gate experience she does, it was great for him to have an "expert" aboard to get him used to one, especially one that kept spring closed before they could latch it!!! Gates from his back are one of my goals this year!!!

  4. "G"ate was a good one - I thought of it but there hasn't been any horseback riding here (lots of ice & snow) and I found plenty of fence but no attractive "g"ates... Have a "g"reat day!

  5. Great Gates!! Your sisters horse is obviously a gift from Horsey heaven..a whole dollar you say, and they open gates so well together!! Amazing:)

  6. This is a great testimonial to your sister and her horse...and trust. A Great G example.

  7. Nice way to show the letter "G", like that shadow shot too.

  8. Good post! Gilly and I can open the gate on the round pen, haven't tried to shut it. That will be a project for this year.

  9. great horse... and real useful exercise.. stay with it :)

    happy trails and blessings from b-rrr montana

  10. Well done and great shots..:-))

  11. Great gates!!!!! what cool shots. Hey and I love the photo of mount Hood. I remember skiing there when I was in Senior year .Glad weather holding out for you

  12. Something every good trail horse should be able to do: work a gate. I'm too lazy to dismount, so my horses could pretty much open a gate by themselves! Great action series. And nice thinking: G for gate. I couldn't think of any G things.


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