Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nice Visit

I am so thankful that the weather was so nice while my sister was visiting us with her mare Pantz. We got quite a few rides in between the time she arrived then departed again. Riding 6 outa 10 days, with days off in between for the horses. The last few were walking only, with few hills.

With the Sun at our backs starting out...we had our favorite riding partner joining us!

We rode silently along...smiling inside and out~

When the weather finally decides to clear and become warmer...it is like A FRENZY in the woods...all manner of vehicle and hooves alike can be found to be traveling the trails! Fortunately for me..I have never run into any motor cycles on these trails.

I was blessed by a calm mare again...being happy to follow so I could let my sister bask in the beauty of being first on the trail.

We did a small 2 hour ride...not that it was all that far.. we just took our time and soaked up the glorious atmosphere and some nice- deep wooded sunspots~

Like I said...these woods, and many in Clackamans County that have been growing for 20 or more years, are slated to be cut...so, we are riding in borrowed time =and enjoying it for now.

We made it around 2 loops and then out in the open, facing East, to see Mount Hood~

Coming out of the woods and into the clearcut of  about 5 years ago, we stole for home, adding one last Yummy ride before she departed again~

OH>>>>wait till you see what I found on the trail....riding solo this time, paid off!!


  1. Beautiful woods and trails Kacy. Such a shame that they will soon be logged. Enjoy their beauty while you can. Please keep us in your prayers as we are going through some very difficult times lately.

  2. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time with your sister again.
    Beautiful pics (as always).

    Did she find any property?

  3. More great shots. Just what does sunshine feel like?

  4. I know, I am sorry to be sunny and gleeful on you...the SUN has been UFO-ish in most parts of the country..and USUALLY here too..in fact, it did go away again today...into grey.

    Found the dream property..but selling my negative relatives on it...may prove to be the end of it and my sis(mom) will just have to wait for the crisis to move anywhere ..seems to be the trend...but, I was praying for a "nicely made decision" this time.
    My husband said he'd love to move to this place... just need to win the Lotto!

  5. What a great ride! The scenery is so different from what I get to ride in, which is rolling hills with scrub oaks or vast desert. The sun coming through the trees is just beautiful. The photos are great; love the ones with branches in the foreground.

  6. You are so lucky to have such nice weather to ride in. And such NICE places to ride! Oh, my, it's beautiful! It is still dreary and dismal here in the hollow. But the days are getting longer and the sun will come....sometime!!!
    Hope a place is found and approved of soon!


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