Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winning her horse heart

The Realtor said something to me the other day, as I made more appointments to look at horse properties with my sissy and mother. I have to make the viewings after or before ride times with my sister while she is here. The gal said, "You are trying to make sure you win her horse heart for the area's trails, aren't you!"

I guess I I have been taking her to all the favorite places, Like Camp Riley, Mount Hood.

We started off from the campground's visitor Staging area, and rode through the camp to the bridge.

Pantz never looks like she is pensive about much...but the raging water below on BOTH SIDES..kinda got to her!

And, I am making sure to let her lead........

Through Wa normally does not follow well, she was very good this day!

Pantz is such a pretty little Appaloosa mare! I think I have told you all before that she came to my sister from someone who was afraid of her . My sister paid a Dollar  for her!

I think I properly impressed her "horse heart" for our trails this day...she was amazed with the sights!
She even joked about some...doing her impression of "The Man From Snowy River",
while going down a small hill!!!
Oh geeze, we laughed at this one as we viewed it on the TV and I did the close up of her funny facial expression!!

We stayed but an hour or so as it was CHILLY when the sun started to go down!

Washashe mare, in her favorite trail position...out front and making time!

then we traded positions again..and headed Into the Sunset and home again~


  1. What a gorgeous place you live and what a pretty appy pantz is. Normally when they are spotty they have no tail and when they have a tail they are not spotty.

  2. I hope you find a farm...that would be great! Both of your horses are beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful ride you two were on. Oh, I hope your find a place soon, then what fun you will have always getting to ride with your sissy! Lucky you!

    She bought Pantz for one dollar??? What a bargain, she is a beauty!
    Hugs to you dear heart!

  4. Sydney~ Yea...I am always saying, "Pantz, you have the best tail!"
    I love her spots too!

    Lori~Thanks!! I am praying and asking my sissy and mom questions about WHAT they MUST that I have taken them around to 5 homes...

    Trudi! Hi!

    Jane dear~ Well, I hope too...with them, I have to PUSH for movement..but this looking is an improvement over just "talking about looking"!
    Yes...Pantz mare is wonderful!

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you find the perfect place!! It would so wonderful to have your sister and her beautiful mare to accompany you all the time :)

  6. What a beautiful trail! Looks like you guys have a terrific ride; must be nice to have a sister to ride with! I have learned that sometimes the best horses are free (or really cheap!). I got my mare for free because her previous owner hated her and didn't want to deal with her anymore!

  7. *JEALOUS!* You won my horse heart...and I'm not even there!


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