Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Riding Joys

My dear friend Michelle from-CHOCOLATE AND MARMALADE TEA- getting some really good instruction. This was her very first Dressage lesson!

It was a fairly nice fall day, with some gorgeous backdrops!

I also took a lesson this day with the mare. Washashe did well for having been burn't out in this arena, years before, with lesson plans that were not so planned..Hind sight is 20/20 vision!
I also found out I had some "unlearning" to do too. My last clinitian had focused on me not blocking the mare and I had mastered it soo well...I was actually not even there and had started to ride with my elbows locked forward. The mare had started to react to my ambiguous stance. This new clinitian caught me and stopped me...now I just need to practice!

When we were finished(right before Michelle) I parked the mare outside and she happily ate her hay.

I am so proud of this gal Michelle...I hereby nominate her as an "Intrepid Rider"...she is willing
to try new things-like riding English, on a tiny saddle(compared to Western). I called her up one day, told her about this clinic- and she was IN! It is apparent also that, she loves the Horse!
She asks and asks questiuons...all the right ones about stable management.She also has expressed a willingness to even come and clean tack with me!

Good Job Michelle!
You are on your way to an excellent riding journey!

Nice work Harley Horse!


  1. Kacy you are the sweetest!! I am so, so glad we met. You are genuinely wonderful and have such a huge heart. If it weren't for you I wouldn't feel so confident. Thank you for teaching me everything!! Love the pictures! Life has been rough lately but it's becoming better now. :) Thank you also for your well wishes and prayers!! I talked to Jeanette couple days ago..I will take two lessons in December! Did you get the dates? Will you make them? :)


    Lots of love and hugs..and thank you dear friend!!

    Michelle and the kitties

  2. Your friend Michelle sounds like a real horseperson - dedicated to what she's doing with her horse and having fun at the same time. And real horsepeople like to clean tack - it smells like horses! :)

  3. Love the first photo of Michelle and Cathi. You selected an excellent trainer for a first dressage lesson.


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