Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunday Stills~ Currency

 ARMY style~ Currency of "Kudos"

These coins represent an "Atta Boy" for those service men and women that recieve one for outstanding performance.

My husband has about "20 or more", he says. They are from all kinds of jobs and gigs of musical venue. He was in the 104th Divison Band. "The Timberwolves". They now have merged into somthing else.
The Coin  above is his personal favorite. He recieved this "Commanders Coin" for his excellent performance as an honor graduate while attending the "School Of Music" in Norflk, Virginia a few years back.

Please do check out others Fun with "Curency" today, via our host ED


  1. Cool! I forgot all about my Army attaboy and division coins, I have a few as well..:-))

  2. These are really different. Didn't know the military passed out such a thing. Nice shots. :)

  3. these are awesome!
    nice to see a twist on the theme

  4. Thanks for educating me...I was unaware of this. Great shots.

  5. Wonderful post! Congrats to your man. Him and my brother would get along real teacher now and a fanatic since grade school.

  6. Very nice! I never knew about the attaboy coins. Love learning something new!

  7. What a neat post. Those coins are beautiful! Atta boy for your hubby, too!



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