Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Riding Joys

Last weekend was all about what makes me tick....I love to connect good people up with good people!
My "Must Ride Mondays" girlfriend allowed me to do this. Although I had not had the priveledge of riding with the instructor I had referred her to this day...we both had lessons with her  and it went from there.

I was sooo pleased to see her young mount relaxing and listening to her, as the instructor was able to convert her knowlege into understandable language for my friend. I think it is a GIFT for good instructors to do this thing...

I enjoyed watching my sweet friend really get it- and also reap the joy in....

....As she felt her mount moving into himself with her new legs and hands.

He is such a gorgeous horse, full of spunk and light...he really enjoyed himself this day it seemed....he totally had plenty to think about, as our instructor gave us many movements to try to accomplish.

My girlfriend was thrilled with all the new knowledge and we have signed up for a once a month riding time.
Good going my friend...it got much more fair to your mount and mine-as the help we both received will give our horses- an instant reward -for the work and effort they do give to us!


  1. They both look happy - it's wonderful when you can find a really good instructor!

  2. That does look like fun! I would really like to find a good instructor and ride through the winter months. That horse is so adorable...I love how he was watching you.

  3. I'm so glad all of you had fun, that's what riding is all about! There is nothing like finding a great instructor that clicks for your learning style.


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