Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pumpkin lovin' Kitten

Here Kitty kitty-Elsie..."want a treat?"

I know it has been far -too- long since we treated you with one of your ya go girl!

A purring kitten says..."This is good enough to eat straight outa the can!"


  1. My cats like pumpkin too! And peas and carrots.

    My cats are odd.

  2. Cats can be weird sometimes! My dog doesn't like any type of dog treats, but she loves, and will beg for, carrots! Orange veggie power, I guess!

  3. sweet kittie, seems a strange favourite snack for a cat though!

  4. I'm still gonna have to try this! Elsie is so adorable...she definitely looks like a kitten! :)


  5. Hee hee! Silly kitty! My horses LOVE pumpkin. Not the canned kind either, the kind I toss into the field whole and watch them go at.


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