Monday, November 2, 2009

My World

In the fashion of Lori of Skoog Farm Journal I decided to track a day in the life of -me-

Every week many from around the world do this about where they live for "My World Tuesday." Please do click  and go visiting!!!

Every other week I pick up a gal (she is 95 and my oldest client) from her home nearby my salon, and take her there for her hairstyle. She has been coming to me for her haircare needs 21 years now. I love her and when she called me 2 years ago to tell me that she had totalled her car and no longer could drive to see me for her hair- I said wait a minute..I am NOT ready to give up our relationship! So now, I just pick her up and we continue on with hair and us!

This tree is on the way to her residence and I just love much character!
My sweet Marion~Had one of the fellow residients take this pic...he was a bit slanty handed!

Our Salon front...note- the Statue of Liberty off the the left side in back parking lot....she stands near 50 ft tall.

Upon returning to the salon from delivering my sweet Marion back in time for her Exercise class, I found my next client waiting in my hair station spot for me.

I was a bit out of breath this I had to enter the normal "employee entrance" at the bottom of this 16 step staircase, up to the salon. I rather like the stairs, always have. it makes me breath deep, as I trot up to the top.
This would be the view of our salon, should I come in the front door to the wait area.

We finished up my short day of work, and I was off for the rest of the days fun!
Driving once again down Old River Road...this is one of my favorite homes there. It had two carved seasonal decorations, I noticed.

I then traveled to a local Farm store that so happened to be getting a delivery of Pumpkins...the store's work force enjoyed the sunny Fall day, and did the assembly line for unloading the pumpkins..looked very inviting, when I left the store later. ...with my 1 item on my list(bright orange cap for my helmet) and the 3 other items, I spontaneously bought!
I am BADDDDD...temptation gets me every time!

As I drove one of the many routes towards the country and my mare's stable. I spot one of the designs a local company has created for an "Urban Chicken coop." This happens to be my favorite one ,out of the many that duplicate life. Where we live, this one is the most appropriate, as it is the End of the Oregon Trail.

When I got to the barn I found, It was not to be a day more than a frantic lunge session- for the woods were -too alive- with windy sounds of engines and deer and bear and hunters about~ My poor mare was jsut too un nerved to settle down so I stopped the session short, and took her inside the barn again for a grooming time and one on one.

She still looked on the dreaded wooded area of concern- even from within her safe haven barn.

After my time with the mare I Stopped in for a pick up meal, from my favorite Thai place...Plau and her brother Colby own and run it together. It is decorated in a favorite color of mine - Orange! I partook of a cup of Jasmine tea and Salad rolls before heading home with the rest of our meal.
As I wait for Colby to prepare my meal to go, I remember my mare and how sweet she was after I had listened to her, and relaxed my asking for school work on a day that was too exciting to entertain concentration. She stood calmly as I groomed and did my usual- photo shoot. sometimes, she looks right at me, instead of through me~ Love those moments~

Driving homeward at sunset-JUST HAD TO STOP to capture the vision of days-end; for it had CAPTURED my breath.

Bonus= Helicopter!

Perfectly wonderful ending; to a Falls day of work and play...with my man in our outdoor living room, with a fire and a loving smile to offer!
Be well my friends and take time to reflect some of the precious moments..that may seem redundant and ongoing....but are truly unique!

And if they are not Unique...YOU hold that key...turn it , in the many doors of a day, and see what can become of an ordinary day of mundane! Be the light-Be the change- Be present and engaging to those who may be floundering and gasping for air. You will never regret rising above, and holding a hand, outwardly in freindship.



  1. I LOVED this post Kacy. It's like following you around for a day. What a gorgeous sunset. That is so, so sweet of you to pickup Marion for her haircuts. What a wonderful relationship. :) Love the shots of Wa. You're a great photographer, you know. ;) Great last shot as well. :)



  2. How fun (and I must say I love Marion's haircut!).

    Great post, thanks for sharing...

  3. I think you and your man are like me and my man -- living busy, independent lives but always happy to see each other at the end of the day. I wish you lived nearby so that you could cut my hair.

  4. I loved this post too, I'm so impressed you didn't abandon Marion! Lovely day you had.

  5. Great post, Kacy, and a lovely look at a great day. You have a great relationship with Marion and those kind of relationships are so special appreciated by us all. Love all your shots, too!

    Enjoy the week!


  6. Enjoyed your post and like your attitude which is of gratitude

  7. KC...I also loved this post. It says a lot about you. And thanks for the plug! If Marion is really 95, she is amazing, as are you for being so thoughtful.

    Regarding heavier reins for your bitless bridle...I did not buy the ones that came with it, am using my own leather reins. (Imagine they are heavier also). Do you have any hot tips for me?

  8. I have never seen a fire place like yours. I guess you have great conversation sitting round it.

  9. Really enjoyed following you around for the day! Your client Marion looks to be doing very well for 95, and how nice that you made sure she could continue to get her hair done. Glad you listened to the Wa mare when she couldn't concentrate - I'd be concerned about all those forest noises too.

  10. What a lovely post! Thank you for letting us "follow" you around for the day! Looks like it was a gorgeous one.

  11. What a wonderful day. I love Marion's tree. I love the sky. And sitting by the fire.

  12. Beautiful post Kacy!!! Loved all the pictures, what a nice shop you work in!
    Loved the sunset and you and your man by the fire, so romantic!!!

  13. Hello dear one how are you too? Marion looks so gorgeous.
    Beautiful photos.
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful world.

  14. I really like this post because it shows your good relationship with other people and your mare:) and it feels like am with you as you go through your day. I'm amazed that Marion is 95 y.o. and still quite active. I love your mare photos and I'm quite envious with your relationship with her.

    Oh, I also looooooove your header pic as it looks like you and your horse are in heaven:)

  15. lovely photos. of course there should always be horses lol.


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