Thursday, November 5, 2009

My tree farm..."growed up"

Oh my Golly wow...went out to do some drills in the tree farm a couple days ago, was a perfectly calm day. Which lent itself to a perfectly calm mare. It was truly amazing and I was in Awe with how responsive and light she was...she WAS MY LOVELY DRESSAGE HORSE!!! Everything was as it should over reaction to aides...canter departs with out a fuss(wrong leads though, at first) very rhythmic gaits. My simple breath allowed me to half halt and also transition to the next. She was just the BEST! I could NOT believe how silent it all happened...the air was so still.
There was only One Problem..and maybe it helped us out , I am thinkking now...the TREES HAVE GROWN so large..that I have to not move my legs to fit into the rows! If I move too toes catch and rub.
It is not long now folks....they are trimming them into the perfect Christmas trees...soon, I know, they will be cut down. In fact...sorry news to tell soon about the forests too.
LOOK below at the differance...MARCH09/NOVEMBER09

Be well all- for the weekend is coming!!! Yea. Riding the arena tomorrow and then---a clinic on Sunday!


  1. Sounds like an amazingly wonderful ride! Those trees sure grew fast!

  2. Wow, the trees are just beautiful. And your successful ride sounds lovely too! Will you plant new trees once these are cut? I love your posts and photos.

  3. Great rides are so rewarding! Those trees are cool.. evergreens do grow faster then any others.

  4. Christmas is my favorite time of year. How cool to ride through the trees like that!

  5. Glad to hear that you and Wa had such a fantastic ride! Those trees really grew in 8 months! What a beautiful place to ride, have fun at your clinic!!!

  6. Whenever you take pics from the back of your good bay horse, I feel like I'm on mine. They look so similar!

  7. Beautiful! I ride through Christmas tree farms in Sweden too, but not here in Niger! :-)
    Give Wa a hug from me! Her coat is always shining on pictures, but then again, she has a lovely devoted human caretaker as well!

  8. Holy moly! Those trees sure dun growed up real fast! Sounds like a great ride despite the change in environment...hope you have a great horsey weekend!

  9. Those trees are getting bigger from the last pictures I saw. It's a shame they will cut them down. Anyway, glad you got a good ride in, have a great weekend.

  10. What cute trees! Can't wait for Sunday and seeing you and Wa! I called Jeannette....waiting for her call back just to acknowledge I will be there a little early. :)

    Hope you had a wonderful week friend!


  11. I love your header photo. It is stunning! I hope you have one framed for home :)
    Just wanted to let you know Miss D had a filly 7 days ago. What a beauty she is. I love much to look forward to!
    Blessings to you, Misha

  12. Fun photos of the trees through the ears of your girl! Have a great day Kacy!

  13. Kate ~Twas yes and I am in a amzement with the quick growth...nothing stays the same!

    Brenda~ Well, the owner of the tree farm will most surely replant...but most likely- the stumps of theses tree witll remain. I will not be able to ride the rows again...just the outside, and the rest of his 80 acres, which is nice!

    JeniQ! I found that gorwth thing out for myself!

    Promise~ Thanksgiving is mine...Riding the trees...I can just imagine -them all decorated in people's homes!! Ha!!

    Jane~ Thanks...after yesterdays arean ride and the mare trying to get me again...clininc should Hope a solution can be found-made-arranged!

    Tammy~ We ride together huh...on our bays!

    Esther~Oh coolo, did not know that about Sweden and evergreens...She eats bee pollen now and Gamma oil...+ it is true..I do groom-groom-groom! Spending the time with her is my favorite and though she dislikes the brushing..she settles in and eats her hay!

    jrosey~ Hiyou! I was yuckin up with your words..a yup, we dun have to find a new horizon to ride!

    Grey Horse~ Thanks...I tried to duplicate my leg angle in the arena...the trees helped!

    Michelle~ Looking forward to it!

    Misha!!! Your foal...she is a beaut!!! Thanks for the visit...reminded me to get around to my friends and stop posting so much(on the horses and here!)

    Lulo~ Been wearing your fab jelwery and watchin' your progresses over at your place!

  14. Yay for you and Wa and a perfect ride together! Wow! Those trees sure grow fast! They must be a special species. None of our evergreens around here grow that fast.


  15. Wow! I need to plant some of THOSE trees on the east side of my farm! We need something fairly fast-growing to act as a winter windblock.

    I'll bet it smells absolutely wonderful out there...all piney and stuff. I love that smell.

    I'm glad you had a good ride and Wa showed her better side for ya.


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