Monday, November 9, 2009

Must Ride Mondays

On a drive I take frequently out to the stable, I suddenly noticed something I never had before....I usually am admiring a barn on the other side of the street. This time..I spied Mount Saint Helens and Mount Adams. You can barely see them left of the tree and right of it.

Mt.Adams below

Saint Helens below

It was the perfect day for a Must ride Monday Trail ride! I was with 3 other gals and we went to the next local BLM and Port Blakely lands, just up the road. I had spend the last 2 years riding these trails and still have not come to the point that I feel completely aware of Exactly where I am! I took ribbion markers and we set off down the trails.

I have not wanted to ride these trails this hunting season, as I notice many cars/trucks parked along side the roadway all along the tree reserve...that means foot traffic  and  maybe someone up in this! There is a local hunters haven, pretty close by as well. My friend over at "Equinemine"" has experienced it, near her stable.

Well, we were bright and loud and I whisted my trusty whistle, quite a bit as we traveled down the shady and cool trails.
Finally, we started to break out of the woods and into the open sun(warm) yea! We could just start to view Mount Hood here~


Group behind me and Danny~

Me trying to get the group and myself!

Mount Hood between Dans cute ears~

My other riding place across the way.. If you center me in the pic...if you remember the times of view shots from "Stoney Mountain"...I would be right dead center- near the tree line in the foreground!

Heading back towards home after taking a new road...lets see if it does go homeward??!!

Cooler temps in the thick of the woods again...I start to mark trails to make sure we do not get lost.
Mustang Cazi is steaming it up!

Pretty gorgeous mosses with the light steaming through~

Finding the way back home again, to the trailer near the road. I was on the other side with Danny Boy and I heard a clamor...a commotion...whoa nelly...a donkey running towards us!!! "DONKEY-DONKEY!!!" I yelled out to Gemma as Danny started to pull away from his tie. HAW-HEHAW-HAW-HEHAWWWWWWW!!!!!!! It said loudly, as it ran right up next to the fence  to Danny! Look at his eye would you!!! Dan made friends with it soon after this look.

It was really freindly and liked the peppermints I had to share...seemed to be saying to us, "Please load me up in your trailer and take me home with you all!"

Sorry little Donkey, we gotta leave, for now~and without you this time.

Driving home I spotted the gorgeous Mount Hood with the sun setting upon her. As I waited there watching...suddenly the "Hunters Moon" appeared from behind the clouds!

Notice, I just had to change the name of my photography!(...It still was the perfect ending of the day)Have a great week all!


  1. Just beautiful! Loved the expression on Danny's face with the donkey!

  2. Love that donkey! The mountain shots are gorgeous...

  3. All the photos are gorgeous. What a beautiful day, and how exciting to see the three famous mountains. How could you resist the donkey?

  4. How lucky you are to have beautiful trails and a group of friends to ride with!
    I LOVE the pic of the horse and donkey- priceless.

  5. Very nice! I especially love the donkey! Well, I'd love to have one since they make great livestock guardians, but the husband says no. He doesn't like their noise. :(

    I sent you an email!

  6. Here's a web cam view of Mt St Helen's - I check it out several times a week because it's so beautiful out there!

  7. Great shots of the mountains! Mt. Hood was totally obscured by clouds from my viewpoints today. :-( St. Helens still looks odd to me with her top blown off. Fuzzy donkey too cute!

  8. Kate~



    Flowrgirl~ Welcome and yep...dreamy it surely IS!

    Albigears~ You too sound like youv'e been relocated to plenty of riding habitat and maybe some buddies too!

    Ore Sunshine~ My husband saw the pictures of him and said...may we get one when we move to our own place...YEA!!! he may nbot like the noise either but he loves cute animals!
    Will go ck the mails soon!

    Tricia~ will look into that-Thanks!

    Ore Equestrian~ I loo for those mountains and have not seen them since that day...pretty froggy!
    He was SOOO CUTE!

  9. OOOOPS>>>didn not finish! HAHA!

    KATE~ was such a cool day to be out...borrowing time we were..may not see that again for the winter!
    That Donk was so friendly..I am going to post more pics soon...I found something out the next time I went there recently!

    Lori~ Yea..I wants him so bad! Mountains are why I love it here!

    Brenda~ Thanks sweet, the mountains do take my breath away..and I wanted to climb into the pasture with that donkey...almost did!!!

  10. The last time I had a donkey run up on my horse, he just about came out of his horseshoes. :)

    Such incredible country to ride in. We have very little access to land - most of Texas is privately owned and it can be a challenge to find a beautiful stretch like that.

    Thanks for all the photos!

  11. Wow! I so enjoyed the ride and your amazing photography. The donkey with fern and the mustang steam are two of my favorites - the Hunter Moon has to be # 1 though!
    I've never been to Oregon but my husband and I will take a van trip up the coast in May.

  12. Danny and the donkey is hysterical!

    You have clearly lived in the west for a long, long time. I actually stare at the mountains around here more than the horses! Mt. Adams is stunning.

  13. What a beautiful place for a ride with your friends. I enjoyed all the photographs so much.

  14. I MISS OREGON!!!! :(
    I became a follower of your gorgeous blog mostly for the photos - but I don't if my nostalgic heart can stand it!
    Thank you for another wonderful post.

  15. Beautiful country you live in - no wonder you "must ride." I can't imagine a better way to see those views.

  16. Breathe~ Dan was pretty freaked with it..but kept his head as I told him to wait...I love him, he is willing to trust. I did not know that about old riding bud jsut moved to "Rockwall"
    area...with his 2 steeds...are you anywhere near there? he could use a riding friend!

    Barb~Thanks...but it pales next to your keen eye for landscapes! I love your blog!
    I lft you a msg over at your place...but do give me a ring, when you come to Oregon!

    Funder~Yea..all my freakin' life here in the WEST! I could live a the basde of the mountians happily, I think!

    Carver~Hay, thanas for comin' by!

    Best Horse Gifts~You copme buy as much as you can make yourself...Washington is pretty fabulous too... '~"

    Wren~Hello to you! is gorgeous from atop your faithful steed!


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