Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday with a horse

It has been a gorgeous fall in Oregon...riding in it has been very pleasing, with warmer temps and little to no wind....untill a few days ago! These colorfull leaves and shadows may be a memory here, till next year~
Adieu , my colorful /shadow rider~

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  1. Oh, I love your horse shadow! And what beautiful colors! Being a former Oregon resident, I did appreciate the colors!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  2. What a great shadow shot, that's so cool!
    My mom is out on a trail ride right now, sure wish I could have been there, it's been such a nice day here today!

  3. That's a great shadow of your horse that you captured. Creative shot!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  4. The shadow announces a tall, proud, and lovely equine friend in the area. The shadow is clear as to what the shadow is - and not blurred into what shadows become. Excellent!

  5. Hi Kacy, Thank you so much for the comment you left about my blog, I appreciate it very much. I'm always changing my blog template, so don't be surprised if you stop by one day & it has another look, I like changing it cuz I just learned how to do it this past summer.

    No, I didn't buy the background image. I found the template on
    Our Blog Templates. I've actually combined part of that 2 column template with a 3 column one to get the colors & everything on my page.

    I can tell you how, but it's quite a lot to enter in the comments section, can I have your email address & I'll send it to you that way?

  6. Fantastic and pretty clever! I like how you got perfect horse shadows!

    "Moonlight becomes you" is my contribution!

  7. Great shot! I really like how the body is dissected by the trees.

    (Hello from Portland, BTW.)

  8. Great shot of the colors and your shadows. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. This is lovely with all the fall colors. I love horses, also, but no longer own one. They are wonderful, beautiful animals, but need to be used as well as petted!

  10. I love the horse shadow. I called m sister and got her just back from a ride. She said it was a beautiful day for it in Virginia...

  11. Great shadow and fall color, doing what you like to do.
    Hard to avoid the car, life moves to fast and is too complicated for most of us.

  12. Great shadow. Look at thos colors in the leaves. Fall is Here...

  13. Nice shadow pic! Beautiful autumn day. I really missed out on the beautiful foliage this year. Last year the trees here in Korea were absolutely stunning but this year the colors weren't very vivid.

    Come and find out on how to become tall at my page.

  14. Girl, you are living my dream, never owned a horse, but rode a friends many times in my youth...I still weep at the beauty of the running me, the most beautiful and majestic animal on the planet...the horse! The shot through the pines is fabulous, you are a lucky girl!!!

  15. Exploring the woods
    on bright autumn day—horseback
    riders on their way.

    My Shadow Shot


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