Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ride and getaway!

Just a few pictures and words, before we take off for a few ANNIVERSARY days of togetherness!
Last weekend was a lesson day for myself and 2 of my favorite horselovin' friends. There is 1 photo of each of us. Michelle from "Chocolate and Marmalade Tea"...rode her first Dressage lesson(so very proud of her)!!
Myself on Washashe mare...she reached a bit more for the contact and I was made aware of a bad habit I formed from my last clinitian at my former stable(darn it, yet easily corrected!)

And my" Must Ride Mondays" partner on her 4 yr old Mustang blend Simeon~

My man and I cruise to the beach now!
See ya on the tail end of the week all! 20 years and we are having some fun!


  1. Have a great time and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Oh have a great time and happy anniversary to you!

  3. Enjoy your getaway...I hope you found a nice bed and breakfast.

  4. Hapy Anniversary!! Enjoy your time away together!

  5. Have a wonderful weekend getaway...and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

    p.s. what is the bad habit you picked up? Curious minds want to know!

  6. Have a wonderful Anniversary! Wanted to thank you for your kind offer.We're heading to CA mid-May for the tour of CA (biking) and will head up the coast after that. Our plan is to reach Cascade Lake and then go inland to Bend where we have friends.

  7. I like your man's shirt, Kacy ;)

    You're so lucky to have so many horse loving friends to ride with.

    My man and I will be married for 20years in May. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary together.


  8. Happy Anniversary Kac and Bruce! Enjoy your time at the beach.

  9. Okay girl I am NOT calling you while you're on your anniversary trip! I will talk when you get back. Sweet, sweet photo...hope you two have a wonderful time. Great pictures! 20 years??!!! Wow! How old are you again? Did you marry when you were ten? Lol!


    Lots of love always!!!


  10. Happy belated Anniversary!

  11. Thanks all...we had such a good time away~though brief!


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