Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Visiting the Neighbors

On the way out to some trails nearby, I stop to visit the neighbor I met this past spring. She intervened for me, after she saw my mare running   flying by her property-riderless!
We now have a nice realationship of hair ( I do hers and her property partners)+ me stopping by frequently to visit them at the farm.

The property is less than a miles distance to ride to, so I stop most times, as I ride by. The mare has always been keen to the property, as it harbors smells and sounds she is unfamilar and familar with...
.LARGE DOGS BARK as we approach. They stand guard over the goats and horses.

I ride a little in the arena. It will be one of two, that I may ride to this winter and practice our dressage.

My new found friend  made me a  PVC pipe handle and put some bailing twine, tied to the gate latches. Now that is down right-
friendly of ya's !
In fact, she has done practically ALL her own stalls and lighting and general contracting on this nice place!
I will be back real soon to ride with you!!


  1. How nice to have such friendly horse neighbors! I have one horse neighbor, and they are very unfriendly and quite crazy. I've reported them a few times to animal control over the condition of their horses, and I'm pretty sure that has made me not very popular in their books!

    The other neighbors have a dairy farm. I wish I had more people to ride with!

  2. You are fortunate to have such nice and considerate neighbors - and a gate designed just for you and your mare!

  3. What great neighbors! Gates are such hard things to do from horse back so that is extremely considerate of them, and to let you use the indoor arena. It's amazing when one does not have one how "tiled earth" is acceptable, I know it would be for me.

  4. You've got great neighbours! I've got farmland on 3 sides of me (sheep and crops), so I don't have much to do with them (it's a huge property) but the neighbours across the little agistment paddock, ugh.

  5. Sounds oh-so-nice! I live in suburbia, most of my neighbors are not home most of the time. The grandparents that are home are not English speakers. We exchange food gifts and smile a lot.


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