Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Over the ears view

Thought it would be fun to share the "over the horses ears" view- as Jules and I rode down onto the beach, last mo.


  1. gorgeous!! I want to ride with you guys!!

  2. One day, Kacy, one day you will ride around a dune, and there I will be!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your grand entrance with us, and congrats again on that new trailer. :)

  3. Why do you keep torturing me like this? It would be my fantasy ride....

  4. Ahhhh, Kacy that brings tears to my eyes, so beautiful!!! I can see me and Gilly riding with you there someday!!! :-)
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  5. Ooooooh, lovely.

    I rode Fiddle on an Oregon ocean beach (Baker Beach) last summer, and it looked very similar...except there is quite a bit more "twirling around in astonishment" in my memory than you showed in your video!

    laughing all the way!

  6. DP Yeppers...it actually came back with a new lower voiced squeek- at times!
    Christine Always welcome at the BOH(Bay Ocena House) tons of room and temp fencing to go around!
    Thanks for stoppin' by this way today!

    Mellie....yea..I'll see you and Bo horseface-cause you'll be going with us!!!
    Lori...OH!!! I thought twice when I posted...almost came over to warn you...it is a fantasy lived out each and every time I go with my mare....you are right!

    Jane It is pretty special and the level of trust Wa and I have now is pretty neat-o-...and the galloping with no hands and me not ever having to stop her, is pricless!!!

  7. Gorgeous!!! Wow, what a fun ride as always...thanks for taking us along! P.S. I have a fun award waiting for you on my blog!

  8. Oooooooooooooooooh gaaaaaaaawd... Want. (Grabby hands).

    Someday Jasper and I will make it to the Oregon Coast. It's now officially on my list of things to do.

  9. Oh WOW!!! What a neat video!! I love it!! Great view, especially between lil horsey ears!! I should beable to ride in about 2 weeks! I am sooo excited!! Super jealous of your lovely beach ride!!


  10. YAY!! That was just so AWESOME Kacy! It was almost like I was riding Wa....and waiting for that exciting first moment when the ocean reveals itself after going over the dunes. Wow!

    Thanks...just gorgeous!

    And your header is great, too.


  11. Finally!! I've been trying for days, even weeks to leave a message for you. For some dadgummed reason, I oftentimes cannot even get your blog to come up properly, let alone be able to leave a comment!! Grrrrrrr!!
    Okay, I'm feeling much better now.
    I love, love, love your beautiful roses and your adorable little house. Roses are lovely aren't they? We have an amazing heirloom rose nursery near where I live. It's between Newberg and St. Paul - you need to check it out - awesome!! Heirloom varieties smell so luscious!!
    I've been doing conditioning work on the boys. Can you recommend a good workout schedule for us to adhere to?? I would greatly appreciate your advice.
    I know there was other stuff I've been wanting to say, but alas I've forgotten now!! Hugs and kisses to you my wonderful blogging friend... beautiful ride by the way. Wa is looking good.

  12. That picture brings back memories of my shetland pony as a kid. She had similarly colored ears, too.

  13. Mean Kac, very mean....Just enough of a taste to make me itchy to be there.... I love the happy giggle towards the end, what an awesome ride and oh so coveted by myself!!!! :) Kudos to you and your riding to be able to video so well and even turn around to get Jules while going downhill... I could do it but I'm not sure it would be very watchable!!!! Ha ha!

  14. Beautiful scenery. I'd love to do this someday, but since we moved away from our beaches to have a farm, oh well...Great video.

  15. Hi Kacy! I nominated you for an award over on my blog!

  16. Just loved the ride!
    We have busy so far this summer. Hay baleing has begun and in about three weeks we will have a foal!
    Enjoy your day and give your mare a carrot from me! :)



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