Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Stills Silhouettes

A lazy day aboard an equine looking over the bay as it empties...good riding for us as we come to the ocean side of Tillamook Bay Ocean Spit! My friend caught a nice Silhouette of me, seen on the header.

Please click the title for more of Ed's peeps views in Silhouette!


  1. Perfect shot! Nothing better than a horse and the beach .

  2. What a beautiful pic Kacey!! We need to meet sometime soon, if only just to meet you and your cutie furry big guy!! This week has been really busy but next week should slow down! 503-928-9994. That's my cell! Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Nice shot of you, horse, beach and mountains - what a poerfect combination.

  4. The header is awesome! Both are really.

  5. Very nice indeed, great views..:-)

  6. Both are nice shots and make me want to be riding a horse on a beach!

  7. Great photos and riding on the beach? Fantastic!

  8. Hi K,

    I have been away to long! Just checked in and read six or so past blogs, wow you have some stuff going on! Glad you had a better ride, somehow it all seems to even it self out huh? Getting ready to pick berries again, want more jam??

  9. ahhhhh, Kacy, beautiful shot of you and Wa. Love the water,someday maybe Gilly and I can come for a visit! wouldn't that be fun???

  10. Paula Nothing better but a fire and your true love, I say!

    Cheryl A Thanks

    Michelle have your # in my Cell now...will call tomorrow!

    Violet I do love the combo too!

    GiGi Thank you

    Ed Thanks, our great host!

    Flower So, you should try it...nice times

    Kelly It is fantastic to ride on the beach!

    Far Side Ta!

    C Jam jam jam!!! I missssed YOU!Yep...had to have some really bad rides and times to appreciate the wonderful ones we have now..calm and cool and on the buckle!

    Jane Yessss, do come on over and we shall have some fun!

  11. Amazing, Kacykins! What a way to spend the day...beach...and horses. bliss!


  12. looks like a day in paradise for all ... way to spend a day... thanx for sharing it with us

    happy trails

  13. Lisa You got that right..a little bit of bliss!

    GP You are welcome always


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