Wednesday, January 7, 2009

26 and counting...

That number is the amount of Postings I have missed in 2 days...some folks write MULTIPLE posts in 24 hours! I am amazed at what goes on here! I did not want to miss them all, but I just had to do some real work at the salon and with my husband home with me these past two nights when I got off...could'nt even sneak over the to desk...would be rude! he may think I care more for responses and awards or something!
Oh...I think I hear the car in the drive...gotta go..I am havivg a massive inward meltdown....I miss you all and have to go! catch you sometime soon ..I think! one of my new years goals is to be more "in person" with my husband instead of here!

AND>This is the first time anyone has actually asked me questions about anything on my blog...and I can't even respond now! hahah! gotta laugh it off!
hope you are okay Lisa! I will keep praying!


  1. I know when I started blogging, it only took an hour here and there. But as you go along, you meet really intersting people, start to follow their blogs, start to post once every day, runs out of time, comments grow, feel bad about not getting around to comment, you start thinking about the blog all the time - and YES, then it is time to spend more time with your loved ones! And unless he loves to be the center of your (camera) attention and be portrayed daily on the Internet, quality time with family goes first... Still - looking forward to your next post! :-)

    Warm greetings from West Africa!

  2. Esther,You are so right-on there girl!! I am laughing with that fact now...this blogging,it is something that gets into you ...being here and connecting with, my husbands calls you all, "MY Peeps"!
    XO Kac

  3. Awwww...hang in there Kacy!!! I totally understand about trying to catch up on peoples' blogs after being MIA for a bit. We all just post too darn much, don't we??? LOL!!!

    Take care of yourself, your husband, and your business, and we will see you soon (not literally of course!).

  4. lol K.! Now that I've got all the time in the world to blog, I either can't because my pain pills make me too whoopy to type clearly or my wrists are sore from typing on a laptop in bed. (giggle)

    Thanks for asking by the way. Today was an itty bit better than yesterday. Mr. Pain won't pack his bags and go home yet, though. He is surely a very unwelcome guest. Bah.


  5. I know what you mean! Seems I'm always the last to respond to posts, I'm always behind. I used to get caught up at work mostly, but I have too much to do now!


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