Sunday, January 25, 2009

Visual Memory of Warmer Days


  1. I LOVE Wa's flowers!!!

  2. Ahhhh, warmer days, when will they get here in Ohio??? It's snowing again today and cold outside. I am freezing in the house, your summer pictures are warm though....thanks!!

  3. I like Wa with the flowers, too! I once did that to Daisy..since her name is Daisy and all ;-).

    I'm so jealous (again) of your beach riding! I SO want to do that, but all we have around here is a lake and there's no real beach to ride day I will visit you and ride on your beach ;-) lol.

  4. Wa's flowers are so cute, I love daisies!

  5. i want spring and summer back!!!!!

    (now just wait until it gets warmer and i'll be wanting winter again!!!)
    Wa's flowers are soooo cute!!

  6. OMG, I LOVE those daisies in the mane! So sweet!

  7. Stace,
    It was a fun "cool out time" with making the daisy's stay in her mane long enough to take a shot!

    Jane...yea, I was greated by a smattering of snow again today=that is why I wanted to remember the warmer times!

    Yes, please do visit us Melli..we'll take good care of you and go places!

    D she's a flower mare! wont' Horse gal!

    Jenn MT was totally spontaneous!

  8. Love the daisies!

    Definitely need to revisit our December snow pics come July/August.

  9. Another vote for the daisies! I did the same thing with MY braids for my first wedding--back when I was a real-life hippie and all. ;-D

  10. Love the daisy's! Cute pics. We had a bout of unseasonable sunny, warm weather, but it is now gone :-(

  11. Oh Kacy, you ALWAYS make Wa sooo pretty! I tried braiding Arwen's hair the other day but she has so little of it - I must go to the market and get her some extensions... Then maybe I can do a Kacy-Inspired-Pretty-Post!

    Sending a big hug to your lovely lady,

  12. Whew! I'm so far behind and trying to catch up with your blog. PT is taking a lot out of me and I just can't handle much else the rest of the day now. Try to visit a couple blogs per day, but I find instead I have to stay at the same blog and catch up for several posts.

    Sorry for being away for so long, my dear friend :)

    I love seeing all those photos, especially that you always wear a helmet when riding.
    The photo of you and Wa on the beach is just STUNNING!!!



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