Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jumping v 001


  1. Wish it was in slow motion!!! What fun you must have had, I must try this with Gilly!!!

  2. Hello women, was a blast to soar with the mare!
    Jane, I need video editing 101 BADLY...know anyone who may help me learn? Slow motion would have been great and also I wanted to just have her jumping, and not the long in betweens!

  3. K, I do editing with the program that came with the camera. I have a Sony but your camera, is it digital? should have a program too. I also have Windows Movie Maker on this computer, came with it, do you have that on your computer? It has worked well for me.
    did you get picasa 3 yet?

  4. We have the same problem -- no dedicated camera person. Too bad we don't live closer.

    The other day I wanted to get some video of Tonka lunging but he wouldn't trot without me having the whip in my hand, and I couldn't manage whip, line and camera all at once.

    Looks like good fun!

  5. Darn it all, I couldn't get the video to play!! Will try again.
    Hey Kacy, thanks for your sweet comment yesterday. Your words were so soothing to me and I really appreciated the sentiment. I agree, I do have faith and try very hard to put "it" in God's hands, but...after 25 plus years I am slowly losing hope. This problem is sooo much bigger than me and some days it's more than I can deal with. But then again thankfully it doesn't rear its ugly head every day. Thanks for being there my friend. I hope you have a lovely weekend and get yourself some quality "Wa" time too.

  6. ummmm Picasa 3....?
    I may have missed something Jane!
    I will see if the movie maker is on our very well could be ha! And my camera is a Bi-mart special- Pentax 7.1 megapix
    I did fuss a bit with it but could not see where I could edit a movie..though..maybe the diretions would avail I read directions?!

    SOOO do I! wish we lived nearer DP!
    Get your self a tripod..
    that is what I may try to do if I can't wrangle someone else next time I go out to the woods with me...I found one at a garage sale and it is dandy..but to ride with it on the saddle..hum?!

    Dearest Lorie...well, I left you another comment just now..."It" may be something to "accept" as much as that may hurt or be a sense of loss/anger to do.
    I have NO idea and can't even fathom what "It " is...but "it" does seem to persit..25 years, OH!
    Lets talk soon!
    Wa time is coming..there is another clinic at the stable this weekend and I am not affording it.
    I am burnt out on riding in front of others right now!I have had my share of scrutiny for a months, into years!

    chaff just teasing!tee hee!

  7. I am so happy for you Kacy!!! I am sure that you looked lovely up there on your beautiful Wa mare.

    Speaking of her...I saw a painting today that reminded me a lot of her. It may not look like her in real life, but it really resembles her on your blog. Check it out!!

    Happy trails to you!! :)

  8. I'm very envious. Never had the confidence to jump.

  9. Nice video,in response to your question on the Sunday stills page just post your pic on sunday on your blog and drop a comment at the sunday stills post for potluck letting everyone know you posted your pic and then people can visit your blog to check out your pic. Then I'll add you as a contributor.
    Hava great day...Ed

  10. Cool video. Videos are such a great tool. I was hoping it wasn't one of those trick videos that someone tells you to look at really closely and then a monster face shows up and scares you to death! I hope you've seen one of those or else you will think I am nuts! Here is one...

  11. FLASH! Did ya see it? lol!

    Really, KK, you've got to bring a videographer with you next time. I want some slo-mo!

    You and Wa looked amazing!


    WV: 'whealchu'
    A Chinese wheelchair.

  12. going by Fred's and getting a tripod to take with me to the woods...hard to make someone else stand there, while I rip around so they can filme me ripping around. So...I will make my own and then see if I can edit it all and do my first ever, "Nicely done" Video!


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