Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Cavalletti Training nights are on

What is gained by using Cavalletti for training a horse?
"The development of the muscles is dependant upon stimulation by regular planned exercises. They disappear if they are not used.

This is why Cavalletti work is so exceptionally well suited to the development of the muscles, because it requires the horse to undergo disciplined exercise. The horse is required to lift his feet higher than normal and therefore to put them down again on the ground more firmly and securely."..... "Cavalletti work can also be adapted to loosen up the muscles and ease off stiffness." Reiner Klimke

These are the patterns Washashe and I used tonight. 2 sets of TROT rails with a 10 foot break in between for a 10 meter circle.Mondays are the marked out times for use of the arena for jumping and this kind of work...though, many days I am there alone and may set it all up on my own. Tonight was awesome as My friend with her Thoroughbred Vinnie, set up all out polls! I took it down this time. It goes much faster with help! Next time I will set up.

Washashe was very quiet today when I went to get her...she just stood at the gate. Yesterday we were able to go out in the snow again...but it was the PERFECT temp for the ground..not frozen- and not slick..we cantered quite a bit and found a few areas to hand gallop. I think she was pooped today!

Tomorrow...just walk trails I think. Oh and, Got some news today too....the owner has no one to clean the paddock and stall for the mare she just moved in there-BUG.- her owner apparently don't visit and were not told that they should clean up after her...I am off duty for cleaning others poo..just got my time back after doing Pantz's stall for a year and both mares stall + paddock now since May. WHEW...done with 2. Need more time for my one mare for the $ I spend.

This is a reminder........Brighter and warmer days are comming! And then the beach times!! Yea!


  1. REAL cavalletti? Not just trees in the trail? You're getting fancy! ;) (I have plenty of tree cavalletti too!)

    Could you tell us more about your routine? Like, did you go in and trot the poles for 30 minutes, or do you work on other stuff (bending etc) too?

    FeRan: The abbreviation for the running part of an Iron Man Triathlon

  2. I love that book. Not that I get much chance to use a lot of the exercises because the barn only has three cavalletti. I guess I need to make more.

    Like Funder said, tell us more!

    That would be so much fun to ride in the snow...or the beach.

  3. When you ride at the beach, which beach do you ride at? I'd love to be able to take Casey next summer!

    andeh- the look Casey gives me when I don't have a treat. "And? Eh..."

    I hesitated too long on my comment and got:

    bitinc- the bridle wall in a large tack room

  4. That sounds nice. I need to build myself a riding ring, I think. And yeah, your barn has that many cavalletti? Lucky you!

    And what's with these people who board their horses and never visit them? What's the point of having a horse? I boarded Tonka for a month before bringing him home and I couldn't go for more than a day without seeing him...drove me crazy.

    fulance: balance when practiced on a full belly

  5. I have to admit that I truly envy your dedication to riding your mare. I wish and long to be even half as dedicated as you. I have recently received several blogger buddy cyber kicks in my patootie to get out and ride my horse already!!! So....hopefully this coming weekend I will be trailering my horse to the arena a few miles from home to ride my Harley man!!! Please say a prayer for us that nothing interferes and we do indeed RIDE!!! Happy New Year my friend and yes, definitely looking forward to warm weather beach and mountain rides...aahhh sounds so nice. Bye for now, Lorie

  6. I admire your training methods and skills. As close as I get is watching the movie Sylvester. I love that movie. My favorite part is when Sylvester dances in the moonlight.

  7. I love the beach picture! I would like to read more of your cavalletti workout.

  8. We too are setting up cavaletti for workout sessions. Jackson isn't aware yet that he is going to be a jumper, but I have a feeling he will love it! Lots of work ahead (understatement, understatement) but that is one of my goals...he is always eager to learn...wish I was a better teacher!!! Sigh. I have always wanted to ride on the beach! Trying to get the girls psyched up and find a place to camp and ride on the Tx coast...

  9. Hi ya' at work today again till 9pm...but will debrief from my day with all the info....I really loved the excersises we did..used
    "101 dressage excersises" book as well.
    see you a bit later my freinds!

    Hello Sunshine!
    Well if you go to my postings archives and look for hit older posts twice(gotta fix this thing!)and Sept 26th was a post called "Beachtimes with Equines 2" and also if you go to the web will get you a closer look at my freinds rental house we go really wanting to get some fols like Mellanie from "The Knutson's" and Lori from
    "C-ing Spots Appolloosa's" there..locals I am sure there are more from bloogerville!we should talk! is definately more difficult in the winter to do seems a natural "Hunker Down" time..I do it all the time because I am , I don't have the luxery of knowing she is fine..I can not see her out my window. My family that has given the mare to me inquires. I have to steward my gift!

    Dp..yea...don't get those who do the horse dump spendy and that mare is lovely...she wants to be brushed and loved soo badly. she always hung right with me as I did my stuff in Wa's paddock...practically with her head through the fence!

    Ha! gail..we watched him on New Years Eve and my bro in law recited the "Look what you did" to his wife as Sylvester did to Adriaenne when she had the baby! It was a hoot! Did you know that Pits has a momument to him at the top of those stairs??!! HAR!

    See you later Saddle MR with the info and fun...

    Mindy,! I am loving the work out and how good it is for the back of the horse!
    Get yourself to the beach! it is tyruely the ONLY place that I can let my mare be a true Thoroughbred and run!

  10. Who is on the chestnut in your beach picture? That horse is a RINGER for my old gelding who i stupidly gave away . . .

  11. I love this kind of "BLOGGER BALDERDASH" we play!!!

    Serena, Nora is riding, it was 2006She was leasing the chestnut Mare in the pic- "Galliana".
    I am sorry that you are having second thoughts!!You know...I have nightmares over selling my first pony Trixie...we did not have to, but did..poor little mare..2 boys got her and she gave to me everything...I am so sorry I let mom do it!

  12. Hey Kacy,

    Just thought I'd check in and see how you guys are doing with the flooding up there. If you need anything or if we can help, let me know!

    frable- a tale you tell when it's freezing outside

  13. Kacy--Yes! My Thoroughbred/Arabian can attest to the fact that he never gets to get his speed on! I am not afraid to admit that with him being GREEN and me not being the expert rider, it would take more of a horsewoman than me to go into a gallop--at this point anyway! BUT--I promised my friends that if we get to the beach they will see unsurpassed speed....OK, OK a canter....with no fear or whining on my part..this is in my top 5 on things I absolutely want to do with my horse before I die!!!


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