Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wordless and speachless


  1. Oh dear. I can only assume that he or she has left this world, given how rare it is to see them sitting still. Rest in peace, little one.

  2. Hey Kacy!
    I will get Dear Husband to help me out with the pictures for the frog post for you. Might take me a day or two, but it will be there! Meantime, do you have a good hoof knife? If not, I can sort out some other suggestions for you. And please feel free to zap over pictures!

    Poor little bird... wonder how he got there this time of year?

  3. Wow. Poor little guy. He forgot to travel to warmer climes before the snow hit.

  4. Uhoh...Poor little hummingbird forgot he was supposed to travel south for the winter.

  5. DP I am saddened and my husband has also made me feel happy about her final resting place.
    We knew an Anna's Hummingbird years back and she stayed very close to our home while the freeze was on. We had placed a low watt light bulb mounted over the feeder to keep it from freezing her food...she came right At sunrise and greeted me as I pur her food up and allowed me to take pics of her only 5 inches away...and she would make frequent stops during the day to actually SIT and fluff in the heat of the bulb. COOL to see her sitting!!
    So, we have told ourselves this is "Snowflake" our bird of the ice storm we had years back.

    OH THANKS M MOM! I will take some pics tomorrow! I do think it is all about sluffing off the dead material...just need to know how to go about that!
    We have stay over Hummers in Oregon..and some are jsut weak and never left. Could be either.

    Jenn We keep our feeder up year round for the ones that don't make it away, or are slower in leaving; though we do have 1 maybe 2 kinds that stay year round in Oregon.

    JJ maybe too weak when it was time!

  6. Hummingbirds are one of my absolute favorites, after a short time they get to be very trusting and will let you get very close and even land on you if your really still, they are a blast to watch them sit in the trees and talk to each other,its one of my favorite things to do in my quiet not sit in trees and talk to the birds, but to watch them! LOL its such a treat to get so close to nature when nature allows us......poor little guy.....guess he was too old or sick to make the journey for the winter....

  7. Poor baby! They are attracted to red so at least, the color made her happy.

  8. WOW! How sad! But really cool, in some strange way, too...that's interesting...

  9. Oh..I did nit think of that Gail...yea the feeder is right around the corner and I hope it got to go with a full tummy!

    Mellimaus hubby is feeling good that it came to our porch

  10. Oh no, sweet little hummer. It looks like she is blessing your festive red wreath with a joyous splash of jade to brighten your wreath on a cold winter day.

    Poor sweet dear...but also what a gift.



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