Saturday, January 3, 2009

Farewell Ride

Our Fare well Ride of 2008 was just about as blustery as it could be for us without knocking us both to the ground. Most of our trails were redecorated either with water, as see here, or by remnants of our white powdery Christmas gift from the sky.

Some thought me crazy, yet, I had to go. Pantz just left, and my sissy was so late I did not get to talk to her, at all, and that bummed me .
The trail and wood called me to it's solitary places deep inside and far away from where I was...promising to give me new insight and strength.

My mare met me at the gate with head hung over the electric tape that apparently, was not hot. I think tree limbs and such must have severed the connections . Our wind and rain storms have now replaced the snow, of late.
We bundled up, me and my mountain horse jacket and my mare in her fleece quarter sheet. Down the path we went with the wind to be greeted by a raging creek where once, was none. We forded the wet rush and up the first hill to find white remnants , spattered randomly .

Redecorated trails for New Years ! Paths of fresh forest greens smelling lovely. Natural Cavallettis, strewn throughout our once familiar paths. Once, as we walked through the thickest part of the wood a tree, that was destined to fall as it was half way uprooted, decided to come on down as we passed near.

That was a bolting shock for me ,as Wa made sure we were not the final resting place for it's trunk!

All in all, it was a nice ride. Us, sheltered from the wind inside the forest thicket. My mare not having been ridden or having stretched her legs, but a few times in the past 12 days, really was entreating me to let her rip..but, I feared the slick ground and massive debris, would have claimed one horse and rider!

Home again, we decided to go meet our New Years Pasture mate ,in person, as she was moved to the lower paddock of Wa's field.
Bug, kissed her new friend's face sweetly and Wa returned the gesture. This older Arabian mare has been pastured below my mare for the past month.

I was pleased that Wa received the mare gently and I sensed that she respected her. And she did the darndest thing too....she began to nibble on her nose, ever so lightly. It was endearing, to be sure.


She said to her new Grey mare..let me nibble on your nose!


  1. Wa is such a good girl. I hope she will get her run soon -- we are still covered in snow. And such a sweet picture with her new pasture mate. I can hardly let Raven greet horses like that over the fence because she will almost always strike and I am worried about her getting caught up.

    fooloysia: the land of fools

  2. YOU are fastDP ...Jsut [posted this!! Do you have an alarm for new posintgs??
    Did you get to see the video?

  3. What a magical ride into the enchanted forest. So many obstacles and challenges, yet you two just take them in style and courage.

    Way to go :)

    And such a sweet greeting between your lovely Wa and the fuzzy old Arabian mare, too.

    New Mexico

    ()verve: You and Wa have a lot of verve on your adventures.

  4. haha!! Lisa!
    Hay, hope that you are taking things "in stride" yourself gal!

  5. Pure poetry! Your words took me on the ride with you.

  6. An award awaits you At The Farm.

  7. Glad you got to go for such a nice ride. I'm sure it did a lot to soothe your soul. Bug is an interesting name.... Love your writing and pics, I get to feel like Im there!

  8. You post made me feel like I was there too. Great writing and pictures. I just love visiting your blog, you always have great things to share.
    Have a blessed evening!

  9. Awww, that's so cute! I'm glad you had a good ride. My horse would have just pinned her ears and tried to do a little more then nibble on another horse. :) Wa's so pretty, too.

  10. After reading this I felt like I was on this ride with you and Wa!!!! Oh how I wish I was!!!!!! lovely pictures!

  11. Nice ride! Wish Monty and I were trailblazing with you. I'm arena bound at this time of the year! Great pics, thanks for sharing the ride!

  12. You really go on some adventures- rain, shine or snow, there's no stopping you 2:-) I'm jealous.
    That was a sweet meeting of your mare and the grey one, only if Lester could have been that nice to his guest mare!:-/ I have a bully for a son:-(
    Happy New Year!

  13. You are such good Bloggerville freinds ...all of YOU!
    I am a very wordy person and have to hone it down= a lot!Thanks for bearing with me ...just have so much fun sharing and think it lovley you like it too!

  14. going to read about Less now~!Bully huh...
    Wa usually makes tons of gesture and stirkes and sounds mostly like a bull elephant...but, it was the coolest thing ever that she got on...after all..she was stuck with her!

  15. Don't you just love it when everyone gets along?


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