Monday, January 19, 2009

Meandering woodland Jumps

Washashe and I went to the trails today as the arena was very wet and being watered still. I decided to go jumping in the wooded trails, as there are so many downed trees right now to choose from. It has been dry for days, with this fabulous weather, so the slick factor is nill. This one was especially fun, as it was two in a row! She really liked it too. We Took several passes through it but, the last one she bolted towards home and I had to employ the "Racehorse stop" my sister taught me! In her extensive horse life, she once galloped Thoroughbreds. Anywho..we made one more round through this double jump and moved on toward the next place I saw downed trees.

Took a new(old) trail on the way there and was able to actually see Mount Hood, in her veiled glory of snow! That trail has been rutted so badly from the motorcycles that I took a cut over and trail blazed for an hour or so till I found my way through to a familiar trail.
This jump was half way made by the wind for us and all I had to do was prop the other side up. It was about 2 1/2 feet tall. She did it the first time without the other side but I knew she'd maybe want to run out so I made it more solid looking.The lane heading up to this jump is straight and firm ground...very flat and perfect for trotting up and over or cantering up and over. I did the trot first and she looked very hard at the jump and slowed slightly but then whizzed over! The next time I cantered up towards the jump, she broke to a trot to go over it. May have been timing, she was unsure. So we did it a third time...cantering the entire lane around the tree grove and then straight up to the jump..Wee ha! Boy, she flew on over the branches and kept her ears + attention perked forward, even after we landed, as if to say, "Okay, what's next for us today?!"
I have now solicited my husband to come along and video for me sometime...I gotta see what this mare looks like flying because, it feels so great!


  1. Hello Mt. Hood! You are on a roll of great days right now with your weather and with Wa. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Yow! Wish we couldve been right behind ya! Pretend! YOU did awsesome....Jacks and I were threre is spirit!

  3. Ooooh what fun! Hey, do you have double reins on your snaffle bit? What's going on with the reins in that picture?

  4. Oh, what fun you are having! I used to jump, on my old western horse, bareback when younger but on Gilly? I don't think I could do it now, but one never knows until one tries. Maybe this summer on a trail ride, there are lots of trails here that have fallen trees.
    Exciting!! :-)

  5. DP...You will be right behind us hopefully with the nicer stuff from the sky!

    Mindy Yea...we be jumping freinds huh! I liked what you told Stac about "Just looking at the jumps makes me happy!"

    Funder the extra set of reins I use for pure wieght..a training measure my siss told me to try. It does work and I will start to change it up soon here.

    Nice to hear about the good days of your other horse Jane...and Gilly name jsut sounds jumper to me...but yea, it is athletic stuff and I have been preparing for a time. She is still trying distances and takes -grand leaps- at things...sometimes I am left behind slightly, but try not to hit her mouth so she has no negative.

    Jane, Do you trial ride mainly then?

  6. TRAIL ride...ooops Jane

  7. Fun! I'm so jealous. We'll have to go on a ride when I move as we'll be neighbors!

  8. Looks like you two had fun! And Wa certainly looks happy with the ride!

    I just have to already explained the double reins on a snaffle...but how does the extra weight help training? What is your goal? Just curious.

  9. Hey Kacy,

    You look like you are having a great time on the trails. I have been super busy and meaning to call you after you left me such a sweet message. I injured my knee, hoping it is temporary. Am I cursed? I will call you today if I can. Loving this weather!

  10. Where where where??!! Julie with Brig

    Jenn the wieght helps remind her to seek contact with may sound and look wierd..but she flubbers white froth imediately and does seek contact on her own more! I am taking them off this weekend to see how she goes,
    and also the standing is more for something to grab if I need to..will go to the breast collar.

    Oh drat it all Adrienne! Yes lets just call each other!

  11. What absoulutely gorgeous pictures you took!!! Seriously!!!

    Don't you love nature's own jumping course?? That is the cool thing about being on a horse...when there is a fallen tree, you can just jump over!!!

  12. Wow. That trail looks like fun! And it's pretty too!

    Here, we don't have trails. Hacking out consists of a dirt lot. And no natural jumps to jump!

    Wa looks like she is enjoying the trails too.

  13. That sure sounds like a lot of fun. Very inventive jump making too, where mother nature didn't give you a hand.

  14. Mount hood is gorgous, what a view your trail advetures provide, I'm so jealous. I wish we had trails.

  15. Mellie Hi! Yea we both had a round of Nature upon horseback this past weekend...that was a seriously
    L O N G cold ride you took..hope you spiked that salsa with peppers!

    JJ Wa does enjoy them but I really want the trailer back cause she is now sour on some trail turns, so I need to get OFF SITE ASAP...think next mo I will have my rolling tack room back on local!
    I am here for the arena and trails!

    Grey Horse Mother nature has met me half way on the creativity! I appreciate her participation

    Denise Wish we could ride our pedigree steeds together on the trail...though I am finding the same breed as mine makes for uppity. I need a blended breed horse to be a cooler mix!

  16. What fun for you and Wa! You'll have to explain the technique behind the 'racehorse stop' sometime. It may come in handy when I ride again. :)

    Those pictures were amazing. Wa looks beautiful. I love her throat latch, jaw and neck. Just stunning!


  17. Hi there Lisa!
    Well, it is really a pressence of mind and survival kind of thing...If you are hand galloping or even just cantering( in fact my sis has me do it when I am trotting in two point as well) you take a "short cross" wih the reins. Meaning, you make them pretty short and double them over each other so they....ya know..I will take pictures of it then post it...that'll be better!


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