Thursday, January 15, 2009

Men Working Above

Today at the stable was NOT AN INDOOR RIDING DAY. There had been a posting that a work crew would me making a ruckus on the roof for 2-3 hours..then it got amended to: 9am till dark.
The stable sustained major damage to all the gutters when the icy snow slid off the roof...literally took them down and mangled them . It really was Such a beautifully devastating snow storm. And What is costly and unexpected for some; is making a good living for the crew told me that they could barely keep up with the demands right now. This is what I had to ready ourselves in...they were directly over us, as I checked out to see if Washsahe could handle the commotion.
She did okay for a time...but once the men started to walk above was all over and I couldn't see me trying to put her hoof boots on down by her feet and and stay in one piece! So we improvised outside of the closed in groom bays. Wa was perfectly calm once she was not trapped . There was not another person there, but the owner in the office. She did come out once and was surprised to see Wa tied across the hall, and not one of the 4 groom bays...I explained the danger for me, and she passed by the mare .
The ride itself was lovely in the Foggy into sunny day. It is higher at the stable so all the fog of the drive melted away as I topped the last hill to the driveway.
I was in awe with the sight of our valley view the extends itself towards three large mountains and the sky scape's of Portland Oregon . Today...just a white heavy cream was laying deeply across the whole valley as far as the eye could see...small faint peeks of taller tress was all I could grasp through the sweet thick moistness of white foam. I kept gasping aloud, it was fantastic!


  1. Wowsers! Lovely day. We had that kind of fog here a few days ago and now it has burned off to reveal nothing but sun and clear skies. It won't last, but I intend to love it while it's here.

    mente: a mint for your mind

  2. hahah. yes the looks of the day was minty frsh for my mind indeedy DP!!

  3. You were truly above it all, even while the workmen were above the riding arena.

    What magical views! Looks like creamy soup with tips of broccoli sticking out. I'm hungry! hehe

    Wa looks gorgeous, by the way. She really does! :)

    Happy Trails,

    hangey: what happens to boobs when we get older

  4. KK ...I don't know what you mean about my photographs. When you add them, there are settings for ....none, left, right and center...then on the right you can select small, medium or large for the size. Is that what you mean?

  5. You were wise to not try to get anything accomplished in the arena today.
    The ride was a better option and probably more fun. Look at those gorgeous pictures!

  6. Wa is a cool cucumber! Your area is so gorgeous, too.

  7. Our barn isn't as swank as yours. I think I might be a teensy bit jealous! CP and I are talking about moving more north come summer so he can be closer to work. If we do, I plan on being very picky when finding a new facility to board at. I'm sure I'll have questions to ask you then about places we may find and what sort of rep, if any, that they have.

    Our fog wasn't quite so heavy until late last night. It lightened up by the time Dude was ready to go to school.

  8. Nice pics! Wa did good. She's funny though . . . It was like she was thinking, thinking, then . . . "OK, I'm outta here!" LOL! It's going to be nice for you this spring/summer to not have a super out of shape horse. I'm jealous!


  9. Hi KK, sorry to hear about your dramas lately. I hope and pray that all works out for the best soon. I miss you my friend!! I will keep you and Sweet Miss Wa in my prayers. I hate to hear that either you or she might be experiencing depression/trials. Wish I could be of some help. On a different note, your fog pictures are absolutely beautiful! Just gorgeous! We are socked in as well, yesterday was the first afternoon the sun made an appearance. Oh my, it sure made an impression on my psyche!! Took Annie and went for a walk at noon and shot some pics and just soaked up as many rays as possible. Light deprived me is not a happy me, I'm afraid. Be of good cheer my little friend. If I can help, please do let me know. Have a wonderful weekend. Love and prayers, LLL

  10. OH!Lisa the
    Boobs comment too-too funny!

    Lori...I mean the Blog snippit pic for your Blog roll...will come by and see if I( can click on it and find out.

    Yep Grey Horse...I wouln'
    t have done it as they said it was closed too...did not want to see a dead they knew I may try..I do try lots. They knnow me. But, fabu day out and the thick Devon like Cream was yummy looking!

    Funder..I do love our keeps me trying to staying longer!

    Sunshine..I will help if I can..been trying barns in Beavercreek/Milino/Mollala/Oregon City/Redland since 2005. It is difficult to fit places being me..I am scrupulous and picky about handlers, feed and does trickle down to affect the others I find.

    I am so happy Julie that I will have a little less to do this Springtime...I have ridden all winter and acept for the 12 days during our snow storm when I coul'nt get there...we've lunged or ridden. I do love that Arena..though for some reason it can be slick in spots..but my horse does test limits of everything! An Wa is a thinker..that is why she trails so nicely..she thinks before she does!

    Lori...dear heart...the sun has appeared all week and it does tend to lift spirits plus some socks of Loss is being assimulated by me and action follows now. will come by and let you know more. I soo appreciate your friendship!!

  11. Those are some great shots of the fog. I am glad I didn't venture out there that day.

  12. What gorgeous photos! So ethereal and inspiring. I'll bet it took your breath away with it's beauty.

  13. Cool pictures! The fog is so pretty!


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