Friday, January 9, 2009

TractorBronk Video

This is our friend JEWEL
formerly of "20 meter circle of life" and now residing at "Viva Volte!!!" If you don't know her yet in Bloggerville territory...go meet her and see why I have selected this timing to post this video. You'll know instantly why!

When I first met her, she was given the privilege of being able to use any machine on the property where she and her husband moved thier lovely horses faces to board. The owners were selling and NOT working the farm anymore....She is a me, will try anything at least once and if she needs something done...doing it herself is the best way to go! Am I wrong there Jewel??? This is one of her first goes on the tractor....(even if it isn't say it is J)I was actually hysterically laughing inside...wish she could have heard my "Ride er' " she could have thrown her arm up! Ha!

This is Jewel and her lovely Abu Arabian. He is so content on this picture, I love it!


  1. LOL too funny! just what I needed to get moving this morning!

    I can totally see 20M as being just a "wee bit" independant.. lmao

    Thx for putting that up!

  2. Hahahahaha!!! Jewel is a hoot, isn't she??? I need to check out Vive Volte. I always forget about that blog and stick with her private one. Shame on me!! :)

    PS-I just saw your new coat/duster, and I must say that I am jealous with a capital "J!!" You can do all of the intrepid riding that you want in that thing! :0

  3. OHHH too funny. I have broke that tractor to ride these days and actually have a pretty big love affair with Mr J Deere!!!

  4. hahaha!
    I know Jewel..can tell from the VV blog site background! tee hee!

    Yeppers, Mellie I get all intrepid with the duster on! Thanks to our snow I was able to have that coat...was drooling over my trail mate's new duster...and my sister needed hers for down at the coast.
    The snow in made last minute gifts that my mom-in-law was going to get impossible--yea...sorry to say they go to G.W. most the time or G.S.so9o she gave me cash! Yeeha I was down there at "Centerville so fast!

    I think J did not believe me that I had the video...but seeing the John Deeres on her VV blog made me do it..glad you got going with it today Mrs M!

    Gail...Jewel's a Jewel!


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