Sunday, January 25, 2009

Overnight Smattering

I was somewhat upset with the smattering of white I saw from my "window on the world" when I gazed out this morning. This window is in my front door, encased with wrought iron, eye level, and is usually the first place I look outside on any given day.
There was a clinic at our stable and I planned on doing my mares hooves today in her stall, after I watched my stable mate's riding session. My stall, which is outdoors, would be too blame cold now for trimming hooves!

I arrived at the the stable and readied myself to be able to video my stable mate's ride in her session. After, I would decide yea or neigh on doing hooves. Also, While I do the hooves, I will be taking photo's for
Mrs. Mom, so she and others can critique my unprofessional but earnest work. Just as I was about to settle in, my stable mate told me that they were an hour early this day and that meant...I could ride in the newly snow smattered trails, and do Hooves tomorrow inside the stable! Choice made or play-??!!

This was the kind of view we had today while walking the was all green and mossy looking with large fabulously crisp white areas dotted here and there. I loved it and so did the mare; though so many deer were a foot today that I had to be on my guard...she was JUMPY!!!

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  1. Isn't it funny how deer make them jumpy? They are both prey would think they would recognize each other at a distance. But no, mine see deer and they stare and snort and fuss.

  2. Hi DP, yeah! I almost was unseated a few times this day..she really was weirdo about it this time!

  3. I wonder why deer bother horses so much? Most don't seem to mind dogs or other why skinny little deer?

    And be happy that you have some pretty snow! It has been ridiculously hot and humid where I live.

    By the way, I left you a note on my blog about some of your questions

  4. Good choice! I think the largness of the deer is what unsettles them.

  5. Gilly is always on high alert when he spots a deer too. I think it scares them because of how fast the deer move, the sudden movement makes the horse want to run. Gilly is pretty good though he will watch them when the run across our path, jump but not try to run. Thank goodness for that, I don't need to be dumped off in the woods!
    Love the snow pictures and the shot with your horse's ears. I have many like that with Gilly's ears in it.

  6. I wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting my blog over the weekend to leave your sympathies.

    I think Gail is right, it probably is the size of the deer that intimidate them.

  7. is MY theroy on the deer(for my mare)
    To my knoweledge Wa has never seen/smelled a cougar but I am sure she thinks she has!
    These past 3 years have been her only "in deep woods" riding and I'd say we have encountered 100's deer. Some I never knew were there and so many we did, I love watching them!
    They don't faze her an inch of movement but halt.

    BUT-If the "movement" is on the outer boundary of periphery
    ...that is the cut off for being fazed with her, which I truly understand.
    The unexpected movement is what freaks HER...She needs a bead on it.
    I agree Jane and Sharon...Size color huge movement..and many of them together, at least in our woods.

  8. I know all about the "jumpy" horse! It drives me nuts the way Lester just spooks now, he used to be so solid :-/

  9. Yep.. KK agree with you, everything I have read says the same thing...its not the deer itself, but the suddent movement into their line of old man doesnt spook at anything...wondering if the cougar that lives on the back side of our prop ever came out what he would do??? hopefully run and not leave me behind! LOL
    by way! we are expecting an ice storm 2nite! yuck

  10. Beautiful wasn't it? I too was very thankful when it melted away and the sun came out. Me thinks we've had quite enough of the pretty white stuff for one winter! Thank you so very much for your kind and caring comments to me. I was down in the dumps, but have bounced back once again. You'd think I was a skinny gal what with all the ups and downs I experience at times. *sigh* that is definitely not the case! I do appreciate you though (very much), and whether you realize it or not, you are a wise woman. You seem to say just the right words to make me feel much better. Maybe it's all the practice you get listening to all those people while you do their hair!! Ya think? Anyhoo, thank you my little friend for your understanding. Enjoy this sunshine!!

  11. Now that's my kind of snow! It's pretty but the world is still green underneath, just waiting for tomorrow when it all melts!

    Hunting season has just closed here. Hopefully I'll start seeing deer again soon! They spook the horses but they're so pretty to watch.

  12. Hey, we had snow too!!!

    I just noticed your reply comment about that picture of your Wa mare. The resemblance is uncanny, isn't it???
    I hope that you can buy it ione day. :)

  13. Oh, and about those deer...I always say it is not the deer that the horses are spooked by. It is what follows them: cougars.

    Our horses never bat an eyelash at them either, so when they do, I have to wonder.....

  14. Denise does seem that of late mine has gotten spookier!What IS with that?!Is it an excuse to move more?

    Oh man Rae, sorry o hear of the Ice is cold here all of a sudden again..freezing water troughs and I am upset with finding mine almost solid today at 2pm! Crapola!

    Oh Lorie, you are such a wonderful friend to even say that! I am sooo here for you, and you do know that huh!
    My motto for people is: If you like me, I will Love you! You are quite Loveable!

    Fund..yea, It just makes me not zone out when I ride of late...though, I am like those bags of cowboys and indians... the tiny little ones . The Horses have holes in the sides so the cowboys and indians legs-which have sticky outy pokers on them, stick into the horses and stay on. last time she jumped half away from under me...that is how I stayed stickes came into play somehow!!
    I wonder if they still make those?
    I do love to see them..tried to film them but, they never show up!

    Mellie, I really do want to buy that painting! are right..if I ever see some deer just leaping away..I think we will just go too!

  15. Your forests are so different than ours. So lush and green and tropical looking.

    I'm happy that you were able to enjoy a nice ride, K!


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