Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cavalletti work 016

So this cavalletti work out is the last 10 minutes of our whole time in the arena on Monday. Started with lunging without side reins, then with them..slightly shorter on the inside to create some bend. Then Off for 10 minutes of walk over 1, then 2, then 3 ,then 4 rails on the ground to get her accustomed to looking and picking her feet up.

One thing of note: while I was using just the rails, directly on the ground, placed for walk then the same rails moved into place for trot...she got lazy and tripped on one..it slid almost out in front of her! I see now why using ground rails, without stands or blocks is very dangerous while trotting or cantering! And that is how I learn it seems...as my sister told me so!

Washashe was such a good girl !


  1. Looks great, Kacy. I love to see how calmly she learns and accepts this new exercise. What a fantastic job you do with her!

    maniff: a whiff of man smell

  2. Oh DP....THANKS,You are always someone that is very encouraging for me. I love this mare she is very quick..which sometimes works against me but, in whole, is AWESOME! Funny word too!

    HI Gail!!!


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