Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jumping v 001

Had a desire to go Flying again today with the mare..she enjoyed it so much the other day. Of course I am dying to see us in the air my attempt of this video is a lot of woods to look at with us whizzing over the brantches every now and then! I was able to stop and slow motion it to see that I need shorter stirrups! It felt okay but my leg looks straight. Okay till next time when I wrangle someone to come along(pay them!) KK out


  1. We both need assistants, KK -- too bad we don't live closer together. The other day I wanted some video of Tonka trotting on the lunge, but I could not make him trot without the whip and I could not hold the camera and the whip without dropping the lunge. Need a third hand!

    You shall know my additions soon, but not tonight.

    fanica: fan of formica

  2. Can I joing the I need an assistant club too? Seriously. I need one to move jumps and rails around and take pics and video SO BAD!
    Anyway, I see Wa saying "Pshh Mom this is nothin for me!" Look how much clearance she has! She's lovin' it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. YEA do I wish we all lived closer!! I love to help with stuff like this stuff...I get all creative and it is fun...cna't tell here with the woods for 5 minutes straight!
    Well, I do think Wa has some power in her Stace! I was laughing soo hard as we flew! If I slow mo the landing...her rear end is so verticle she powers over them!

  4. I wish I lived closer to all of you too, I would video you riding. I have a digital camcorder and have video taped for another woman I know and my neighbor will video tape me riding sometimes. It's good to watch what you are doing so you can correct problems but it's also just fun to watch yourself on your horse.
    It's still rotten weather here so I haven't been able to ride for months.

  5. Oh Jand...I do wish we all could blim on over to assist each other!
    Thanks for mentioning that!
    I am interested in Gilly and you...can't wait to see you two in there pics posted or video of you, at your place?

  6. was a BLAST! she Loves to go for it!


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