Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wa Silly

My husband thought that Wa was going to poo in the wheel barrel! Now I could get money for that. No, Wa is just doing her "Silly Wa" stuff that she does with anything within reach that is taller than 24 inches. You should see her in the arena if there are barrels left out! And sometime, you may!
KK out


  1. OH MY! I was also waiting for Wa to do "the deed" in the wheelbarrow! How funny! Even funnier that she keeps doing it even tho' you are right there! Classic!
    :) --Mindy

    word verif: ducclik: something you lick after you see a duck.

  2. I have one horse who always backs up to the wheelbarrow when I cleaning the paddock, and does his business in it. It's quite humorous, but sometimes I have to reposition it for him to get a clear shot.

  3. I was so glad to see she didn't hurt herself in the position she was stuck in between those wheelbarrow handles or dump it over and scare herself or something. Whew, you had me worried there for a minute.

  4. What a silly mare! It actually looks like she may be itchy or a bit sore in that area and maybe needs a little scratchy scratch or a massage in that area.

    I had a mare who would back up into anything and try to scratch her cannons on it. Turns out she was a little bit allergic to the dryer sheets I was using to wash her wraps in and getting really, really itchy cannon bones where the polos went!

  5. Jacksons grrl, she is so weird! She always does it where ever I am, in this case I had walked away to do something and came back to find the scene...as seen!

    N Muzzles Oh too funny!

    Grey horse,fear not, she ran over to the barrel and postioned herself there..ever so gently. She was in a quiet mood and tuned into what she was doing.

    Jenn, I will do that today..thought the same last night as I watched it too. Huh, I have been using anti-microbial Thin Line wraps. I will give her a scatch and see though!

  6. Too funny! And, OK, a little weird. ; )

    Brig just lightly nibbles on the handles, then dumps it like he didn't know that would happen. Every. Single. Time.

  7. Silly mare!!! I love how she is so delicate and careful as she tries to maneuver her way out of her self-mad predicament...lol!!!

    I see that you have that painting on your sidebar. Love it!!!!!
    We have had snow up here for the past three days, but it is rapidly melting this morning...now we just have clouds and rain. :(

  8. B Jones Funny he does it every time..this is what she does every time. Yea she is a different Pony...like me!

    Yes Mellie she knows what she wants to do, that is forsure..and we too have had dustings for 2 days..nice and warm now-'bout 40!
    YEA>>>I prob should'nt have put it there..took a photo and did it that way I LOOOOVE it!

  9. lol! I was thinking the same thing jacksongrrl was.

    Your horses are beautiful :)

  10. LOL they are so funny sometimes. My mom used to feed her old mare in a big rubber tub about 12 inches tall, well when it was empty and she was bored she would stand in it and put one foot out behind her and flip it up, over and over, silly horses.

  11. Sharon hello! And good to see you..muddy mess she is about now..she had light brown eye liner on yesterday!

    Reddunappy Gotta give them creativity!Your mom's horse sounded inventive too!

  12. My old mare used to poop out of her window. The grass outside her window sure was happy - it was thicker and greener than anywhere else.

  13. Haha..out the window, that is a goodie Fund!

  14. What a silly girl!! I just want to know what's in her mind when she's doing that. Too funny!

    Thanks for the video!


    WV: 'fleesis'

    The wool that comes off of a flock of sheep.......

  15. Your pony is not going to get cut up in wire! Wa knew there was a problem and was not going to do something stupid - at least not while you were standing there with a camera to record it. Pretty smart pony.


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