Friday, January 16, 2009

Loving Your Bloggin' Heart

I have decided to make my 100 Post something that makes me feel wonderful.

It entails sending a loving package to A BIG HEARTED FRIEND here in Bloggerville. Because she has always enlightened me with new ideas and facts, comes by and says hello and also, she is always there for so many folks..making their day! I admire her.

And because,It feels lovely to be thought of in high esteem , and a surprise feels great! Sometimes her sincerity is like a warm blanket on a cold day. So this surprise is for her this time.
(well she does know it's coming, but she did not know I'd make a post of it!)

The wonderful part for me is, and I have a saying for you;

"The giver gets the gift!"

I believe this whole heartedly.

Also, this little memento I give to all of is just a quickly scribbled thing on the back of some mail disclosure...haha!

But, ALL of you, my bloggerville Friends, have given me a gift too. You have surprised me, thrilled me, counseled me, and generally made my online Blog experience a rich environment for sincere heartfelt friendship.I treasure you "Peeps", as my husband calls you, and thank you too! This has been sooo fun! I keep coming back for more because you encourage me in my endeavors and I am allowed to be apart of your lives as well!
THANKS All of You...You make me feels wonderful and I am
( Think the horse speak of "I is Roxy" got to me there!)
Loving Your Bloggin' Hearts!


  1. This is a very sweet post. I feel the same way...I have really gotten to know so many people and have learned so much. Reading what you all have to say is something I look forward to each day. It sure would be fun to have a horse bloggers meeting someday.

  2. I know just how you feel dear one!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Thanks you two...I am shocked 100 Posts came so fast!!!But I can be long winded with my thoughts here I guess!

  4. are a true sweetheart Kacy!!!

    And congratulations on your 100th post!!!

  5. Kacy-I went back and edited what I wrote for #6 on my post. It initially came out wrong!! Hope it makes more sense now! :) I would love to come for a beach ride with you, and I am sure that your feet look!!!

  6. Blogs I read is right on the blogger set up site. You can chose all kind of things to put on your opening page.

  7. Congratulations on your 100th post. Beautiful award, I'm sure she will love receiving it, who wouldn't! That was very sweet of you.

  8. Happy 100th! I hope your weather warms up a tad so you can spend a pleasant weekend with your Wa :)

  9. This sounds like such a sweet thing to do.Sounds like I did pick a good blog to follow.I'm extremely picky of my equines care also to the point I generally end up doing alot myself above what they've done!My friend has moved out to Bend,and is riding with some competetive trail fokls there.She puts pics from her rides up,and I'm so jealous!I love trail riding,probably why I like eventing to!Without a horse at present I'm living vicariously through ya'll.Will share my stories when I can.Thanks for the reply.

  10. Right back at ya Mellie!I cnan'y believe it went soo fast to one hundred!Hummm my feet...well I will save that story for when we meet!

    Thanks Lori..maybe it has gotten better since I started and it also could be I did not know what to choose!

    Grey horse...the "..'bloggin' Heart scribble is for ALL OF YOU that visit me here!!!The gift was becasue the gal needed a lift.

    Funder, it is sure nice during the days...all sunny. It is juat frosty overnights...I am like time with the Wa is always good, becasue of her! Sounds like YOU have more cold than we do.

    Well, you do have to see about a horse partner again when you are able. I am like that too...doing most my own work casue I care more ususally, about theend result. Sometime..someday, it will all come together! I jsut know it!

  11. AHAH!!! NOW I GET it!! lol!

    I had no idea you were really referring to me. The way you wrote about this Big Hearted Friend, I am ashamed to admit that I was actually a little envious. What a fool I am! lol!

    I truly don't deserve all your accolades nor your oh SO GENEROUS gifts, card and beautiful art. Your words cheered me and your kindness and friendship warmed my heart and gave me such hope and a feeling of love.

    What a dear friend you are. I am SO lucky, Kacy :D

    SMOOCHES for you!


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