Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My Friends have really begun to do things just the way I would have,on their new Property. They have an awesome , fully graveled turn around drive, for pulling in with the horse trailer -NO MORE BACKING UP!
Here the mare,and her companion Romeo,enjoy two smaller "Acclimation turnouts".
Wa's grassy area happens to be at the end of her graveled run off her stall...easy!!

We were able to take a solo ride into the mountains after a full day of getting to know the place and setting up my tack storage area~absolutely gorgeous..and guess who lives down the street? The Forest manager !! Whooowee jackpot!
AMENDMENT: I walked off the stall ...it is 14 X 24...I love it! I am now considering breeding the Wa to a Warm blood my sister found, as I have the perfect conditions for foaling finally: A trusted and secure environment, All the fences are no-climb; that keeps animals from entering the fields. I had a dog problem ere now and the mare really learned to distrust them. I truly don't want her to be aggressive, but she was on her way, after being nipped and chased in her own field, repeatedly so.
I have consistent and conscientious care here. My Stable Owner checks my mares feet and legs each evening when she brings her in and also lets me know of her eating patterns as well as the bi-products that ensue! She also monitors the water consumption by my mare...I am so thankful knowing I am in the right place!!!
I find myself constantly saying: Thank you God ! All the Professional actions taken for me by my Stable Owner/Friend, for less than half the cost of what I have paid in the past! That is His way!

Our days ended with beautiful sky's of hope and restoration for the mare and I, in the presence of truly Godly friends that have our best interest at heart. Home~


  1. Oh such a lovely looking place,I'm definitly wishing I lived some where near there! Enjoy a trail ride for me,hugs for you,Wa and your friends!

  2. Yay! Glad you are happier!

  3. Dude, Kacy- amazing- utterly AMAZING new place!! That looks like Sheer Horse (and people!) HEAVEN there!!!!!

    Many MANY happy trails to you girl!!!

    Oh- your new header shot???? THAT is SO what I want to do someday... on MY horse!!!!!

  4. Oh Kacykins!!!! I just knew it my sweet friend! All the trouble was just a door closing and now here is your new door opening into a world of hope and freedom, especially from opression and depression...and drama!

    Wa is living the life she was meant to live...just like a treasured princess. Your friend is a gem! I bet you can't stop thanking her and hugging her! You are so blessed!

    Your friend's house is a dream and so beautiful! And her barn...WOW! I don't think I've ever seen someplace for horses as nice!

    And yo have trails to ride right off her property??! Oh my goodness Kacykins sweetie! How can you be ever be as lucky?

    All of your stress amd worries can be wiped away now. Wa is safe and happy...and so are you!

    Will this be permanent? And how far do you live from your friend?
    You even have a built in riding partner, too!

    Is that a new blanket for Wa? It looks so bright with a nautical touch to it. So pretty! Wa and you both look so beautiful and happy. It just fill me with joy!!
    Now I don't have to worry about you. I know things are better now and that you and Wa will be happy again.

    HUGE HUGS my dear friend!!

  5. I am so pleased for you. The new surroundings look beautiful and horse friendly.

    The house is nice too.

    Is it far?

  6. I do believe you have arrived. What a great set up! Do all the horses have 12x24 stalls? Wow! Seems to me that you are both going to love this place. By the way, I love the photo of you and your horse on the beach...what I would give for that experience.

  7. Looks beautiful Kacy...love seeing all that grass out in the pasture. Wa looks content...and you look happy. Hold onto it and enjoy...it looks amazing. Miss you, but happy for you.

  8. Donna Oh thanks so much..took a grueling time to get to here. Wish you could be here too!
    Ecepting the hugs with some kisses back! XOXO

    OSunshine YAY, YAY and YAY!

    M MOM Dude yea! It is a haven for my horselovin' soul! The trails are so much more "Rain Forest" like. Much akin to Silver Creek Falls.
    And where are you agian? Maybe you can come to the Bay Ocean house too!(beach)

    LISA!!!! I was at work tonight and my longest standing client that I met in beauty school was in the with internet...but has never figured it out to be able to get on...I fugured it out and we came to my blog...I about cried with how long and sweet your comment was! Thank you for being an endearing heart to me!

    >I do stop and hug Gem intermittmtenly so..she just laughs.
    >The barn is being made for horses...lots of restoration work involved..it is humble really..but efficent.
    >They looked for 2 years for this property to come available...trails were essential. She is a leader in the "Christian Fellowship Trailriders" and I will be helping her mark trails for rides off her property.
    >Blessed...yep, I am, went through the fire to get here..a bit scorched and smelly, but am cleaning up nicely!
    >She has told me that I may stay for a week or month or forever...they will be building an arena inside and outside in future. I would never recommend for a boarder to be the pioneer for things to come promised by facility owners, as I have been through 2 new situations with devastating results.Both owners falling short and neglecting verbal agreemants at my expence and hardship. BUT> this is not an owner of a facility...this is a friend that does not lie and does have my intersts in mind.
    I am fully aware of what I am getting and did not come here for more than what I have right now!Unlike the other two facilites that promised furnishings/spaces to be able to earn the $ of having me there and then pulled said entitlements away.
    >She is only 15 minutes farther for me..making it 30 minutes drive time.
    >Yeppers...we have been riding already and she is going to whip my mares but into shape with her lead or nothoing attitude...we went second and WA did great. She is into traing rides like me..safety conscience!
    > Wa got that newmarket fleece that for Valentines!(30% off!)
    Thanks swet friend for the sentiments...NO WORRIES..WE BE FREE!

    Gail! Thanks, it is a nice place they found. Pretty close...seems farther, but it is woodsier and in foothills of the mountains. 30 minute drive..not bad, it kinda debriefs me from the city as I get closer to it!

    Lori We indeed have arrived. She may take on amnother boader in the future, so the 24 part would go to a normal 12 ft stall. But for now...this is ours. I may get to choose the next boader too...the horse in the "In Motion" post a few days ago may get to come! I pray!
    The beach is litterally the only place i feel safe letting was go all-out! I love that! Plus, I don;t eve ask her ot stop..she stops when she is ready. After all, there is nothing stopping us!
    I hope you may get to ride it some day...

  9. Looks great, KK. Let me know if they want to take me in too :)

  10. Oh, Kacy!!! Looks like you found heaven for you and Wa mare....and what a place it is...WOW it's beautiful!!! It just looks very peaceful (sigh) I can see why you love it there and Wa looks so content it's perfect for the two of you. So glad it isn't far away either, 30 minutes isn't a bad drive.
    I am soooooo happy for you, I too was really worried about you. I could sense that something was wrong but didn't know what it was.
    Wahoooo!! I am loving your new place, wish Gilly and I could come and ride with you!
    blessings to you,

  11. DP we'd love a visit from ya!You'd want to go on home though, as it is so nice and all your animal faces would need you.

    Jane Yes...tis a HUGE relief to go where ther is no hypocricy and slander. It was so think where I was, why did I stay????
    I really wanted it to be the dream stable, and it turned Nightmare barn!
    I did the best I could and as my on-site mentor said..I did not retort and act as ill as they were. I have no shame/guilt/anger. I will leave that all there for them to wallow in and cuddle.
    Jehovah Sabaoath was protecting me and still is! ( no, am not 7th day Just studied the names of God.)

  12. I'm happy to hear God answered your prayers and gave you a safe place for your mare. Isn't it cool that when God answers our prayers He does it in such a big way! That is a really nice stall, paddock and turnout area for her!

  13. What a beautiful place...how nice to have trails so close by! And all that green...spring is NOT close enough for me!

    Wa looks like she's pretty happy with her new digs

  14. What a wonderful place. I think I missed out on your story but glad things are now looking up for you! Those stall sizes....wow! Seize every moment with your beloved friends.....human and animal alike!

  15. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt get your pics to download at all when you posted! I'm fabergasted at how great it is! AMAZING Kacy and its horsey heaven for WA! love your header too! What a good day!

  16. Caprice Yes, he is Good~

    Jenn Springtime...hope it happens soon there too!

    Jules Miss you too... GET YOUR TRAILER!We need to ride together Here...the trailers are non rocky and not as hilly. Lots to discover!

    BLUE IU am being in the lovely refreshing moments now...it has to be the quietest place I have had the mare save one...the owls at night..I have got to record them!


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