Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My World with a horse

Yesterday was an amazing day for the mare and I.... will be telling you all soon about this....but, before I even left the house to have any horsey adventures, I heard familiar footfalls upon the porch. A package I had been waiting for finally had arrived!!!
I had given into a desire for something from an artisan I follow online. Tara, from FIVEOCLCKSOMWHERE blog( See my sidebar and click upon the above picture!) has always created such wonderful pieces of art. Ofttimes with antique Equestrian bobbles involved...hence my attraction to her wares. I love jewelery, and jewelry with horses...OH!

I finally gave in and ordered something....it came and is not seen on this page, but something else IS.
My NECKLACE...It is of my Wonder Washashe mare on our first outing to emancipate ourselves from the constricting former barn and complete our desires to JUMP!

Tara, you out did yourself and really made me cry for the sheer pleasure of having this wonderful memory to wear. And the earrings...they too, are from Tara as a surprise treat!

It happens to be placed upon a Scrabble letter piece that has a W4 inscribed on the back. OH!!! My mares letter and -this is something maybe Tara did not even know-this year WILL be my 4Th year in partnership with her!

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  1. Oh, Kacy, beautiful necklace!!! Great job Tara, will have to check out your wears for sure! I too love horsey stuff, don't wear jewelery a lot but horse stuff I bet I would!
    I got to RIDE today! and Pokey got a lesson in staying by himself in the field for a short time. He did very well, Gilly and I had a grand time, do tell about your adventure!!!
    Jane and Gilly

  2. That is so beautiful! I also want a necklace of my mare! :-) By the way, love that picture of you and Wa!

  3. Jane Adventued posted! Do go to see Tara @ FIVE'O'CLOCKSOMEWHERE blog!

    Esther I AM LOVING my photo necklace! Tara is going to be busy with a "personalised" line of photo jewlery!

  4. The necklace looks good on you. I really like the shot ahead from horseback in the post above. Nice to have adventures with your horse.

  5. Kacy...You are so where you belong. Things really do happen for a reason. Will we get to see a close up?
    Beautiful photos of you and Wa.

  6. Arija thanks!

    Lori Yeppers...really enjoying my horse now, the way it supposed to be. I please no one, but her!
    Close up-is that photo below ours...In will be wearing my "Ordered Necklace" tonight..will post a pic of that too...It is a coin of the 1984 third olympiads in los Angeles- commissioned by the Isle of Man. Set on Blue lapis beads!

  7. Thanks so much for the wonderful post. I am so glad you like the creations. I had fun making them. Now you can keep Wa close to your heart even when you are not together.

  8. Tara You are soooo sweet, Love your heart!

    Louise !! YEA!

  9. I haven't had the good fortune to own any of Tara's jewelry but I am a huge fan of her lotion bars. Tara's jewelry will be the next Etsy shop featured on my blog giveaway and I can't wait. She is a very special lady.


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