Friday, March 13, 2009

It must have been the CAT(s)

Though I had hurt myself the night before by twisitng my ankle badly, to the point of it "popping" loudly 3 times and me vomitting over the pain.... I think Gem's cat healed me!
I laid on her couch with my ankle propped up with ice wrapped to it. Her, sweetest ever cat Beauty, jumped right up on my chest and purred and purred!
Then upon arrival. home again.......I laid down on the couch, simular ice situation and beer and drugs to boot...and my Cat Elsie jumped up and purred to beat the band. Very healing!

So I called Gem and showed up to ride today because it really was not bad...just a small limp with the turnover, as I walk. Weight on the foot is fine-o-dandy!
It was soo sunny and warm that we both groomed outdoors...ready set go!

Here is a little treat for you Wa!
All in all a great ride taking her to the 2 loops I found and she in turn..showed me yet another one!!! Yee ha! we rode home after a few hours in the deep woods...she got a call from some friends from CTRF folks nearby. (Christian Trail Riders Fellowship)They wanted to ride today too...
so, since I had to rest the ankle a bit..though it did not hurt at all-HUGE PRAISES!!-she decided to saddle her other horses up and go agian. Normally I would know, can't be really, really stupid with the injury......just a bit stupid, with one ride on it!

Once they headed out the drive...Romeo went balistic..and my mare was soo tired, but kept up for a time ,while he ran from one end of the field to the other! They fianllay settled.

This was Our theme for the days ride!!!!


  1. LOL! Funny video Kacy, glad to hear that the ankle is OK but yes, you should be a little easy on it for a few days. Love your trails to ride on, so beautiful and peaceful.
    Hugs to you and your friend!! :-)

  2. Yes, I agree about the kitty love. Cats and dogs just seem to know when we need special care. I usually always have a kitty in my lap after my fall and surgery.

    The video is beautiful! I loved seeing your smiling face. You are so much happier now, aren't you? See, you were so worried and stressed about leaving the old barn, but, like I told you, a new door with exciting and much more positive possibilities was opening for you. I'm so happy for you everytime I see you and Wa enjoying your new life.

    I truly believe the trails you have to ride on our a hundred times better than your old ones, too. They look so much cleared, less wild, and so much more open and sunny.

    Sunny, just like your new life :)


  3. Kacy, I have an award for you on my blog! :-)

  4. All God's creatures! Glad you are feeling better. Wonderful ride.

  5. Love the pictures and the video. Not quite as good as being there, but almost.

  6. Have I told you I was envious? LOL Oh yeah..I did, several times huh? Seriously.
    LOL Wa looks like she really likes her new home just as much as you do! I'm so happy your ankle isnt going to be a problem...and yes...cats have super powers..mine often wears his cape when I'm injured..I think its that little man syndrom tho....

  7. Jane yea, I had my Equine Therapist come in today for her hair barter and she too said;now is the time to heal. So, No group ride tomorrow for CTRF probably.

    THANKS FOR THE GOODIE!!!SWEETS from a sweetie!

    Lisa The felines and and doggers just know when to give extra love huh!
    Yes...Happy I am!I have been
    released from ill will that was a cloud of darkness the entire time(I look back at slander I found out from 2 inside sources)
    God gave me so many chances to flee...
    You are soo right about the trails being better..I think it is becasue of the absence of motorized vehicles + noises and shooting! It is absolutely quiet out there..and I have only gone on 4 of the 8(so far ) trails I have seen. Gem has a map that goes to a place called"Goat mountain" I can imagine what that scene
    lookes like! So far there is no terminus!
    XO dear frined..thanks for pullin me out of a mire of a time!

    Thanks Gail..all creatures great and small!

    Wilsonc yea, I now..I do what I can here to make the stage for almost being there!

    Rae...hahaha a cape huh! Well, mine has her tu tu!

  8. Oh, glad to hear your ankle feels better! And what a lovely place and lovely friends to ride with. :)

  9. Glad to hear your ankle is better than you thought. Maybe the love of the cat is sort of like mommy kissing the boo-boo. :-) The photos of the horses are beautiful! One of these days I may follow my desire to ride one.

  10. Funder
    I feel so wonderful to have landed here after being beat up!

    Oh should find someone that really loves horses and watch and have them direct you to one that you may trust and bond with..takie it not ever ride a poor rental horse! They are really abused and bored it will not be a good experience.


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