Monday, March 9, 2009

Monochrome Monday

Please visit others and gorgeous scenes from around the world~
Thanks Aileni for Hosting this beautiful event each week!

Serengeti Cub waiting for momma Lion to return with the days meal.
They really do blend in well...if this were color, all looks the same hue! We saw such amazing sights while on mission in Kenya.


  1. Looks a little concerned... where's Ma?

  2. What a camouflage in Black and White ! It took me time, at first sight, to identify before reading the text.

  3. That's a wonderful shot. Truly beautiful and makes me wonder what's going on. I'm with Aileni, where's ma? That's what it looks like to me. A young one waiting in anticipation mostly hidden from the outside.

  4. I almost missed him in those weeds. Good thing he's just a little one or I might have been his dinner!

  5. It is very well camouflaged. How did you get such a good photo? You must have been close.

    1. Right about 100 yards away from 3 momma's and cubs!!

  6. Wow, beautiful shot! I would have been keeping an eye out for momma though!
    Check out my latest post, will laugh! Pokey is on the cover of a mag now.

  7. Monochrome provides even better camouflage! Great pic, Kacy-kins!
    I must learn more abour time in Africa on mission. What an exciting opportunity!


  8. Certainly well concealed. A lovely shot.

  9. Almost did not see the baby!

  10. Thanks friends for visiting...
    We were VERY close..breathtakingly so!We had an awesome gtuied that knoew where to find them.
    There were about 2 large males and 4 females calling out and some of our shots we could get whole body views as the grass had burnt and they were in the open.

    Wait till you all see the Cheetahs that did not care if we drove right up to them!

  11. I just love how nature works! Lions are soooo impressive! Too bad for Sheba though that she'll probably not get to meet one. Hyenas however is a possibility in our "bush neighbourhood"...

  12. Great capture. Well camouflaged indeed. ;-)

  13. Wow! What a nice adventure. Great shot!


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