Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My World with a horse part 2

Yesterday we had some fun riding the nearby tree forest lands that the neighbor has offered to my PBO. I really did not give it too much thought when I was told I may venture on over and ride there.

Lately, in search of some dryer areas to ride while some of the well-used-by-me- trails dry out,
I tried the tree lined area again.
I had gone over once during a rain storm and my mare really did NOT want to be there...and neighed and acted nervous.
Yesterday was an attempt to reclaim the area, as it does have a perfect "hacking Track" along the outside that is varied in hills and flats.

As well as a perfectly footed track along the outer edges...I found the rows to be a good in between ride as well! The trees are small yet, so Washashe did not get nervous with being hedged in at all. We worked on canter mostly as the last time we went there....she practically cantered in place as we headed homeward to get rain reprieve! It felt so lovely, I thought to try for it on purpose.

Wow, she gave me some nice work. Our departs will take some work and not having a wall, it may take longer but- if any of you out there would like to describe your techniques for aides for canter...I am interested.
I may try inside the rows for a wall like place...but I basically leg yielded left then right, and as her inside leg came back towards me I cued the left lead...three strides in a row. If I were to be trotting, I would be giving aide on the sit phase of the same side lead. I do have to be careful of my outside leg being overly strong...she has kicked out in past. I tend to use the inside on girth and also inside hand raised slightly. My hips in position do make my outside leg slightly back already, without my over asserting that part!

I was in the middle of this lovely training ride when I got a call from my husband. He had been stranded by -SNOW- in an airport in Wisconsin. I had to rescue him from Seattle, Washington State, when he got there apparently. A short ride, darn. I had wanted to discover the rest of the offered properties"behind the gate" in adventures.
I untacked quickly, it was only one property over so, that was fast.
Unfortunately I was not looking forward to a 3 hour drive and 3 more again home. OH..the phone again....he did NOT need me! good for him, he got a flight!

Then, I decided to resume our quest in halter and with training stick. The Wa and I set out for the neighbor's gate to the unknown!

This was our view! More perfectly footed roads

This rather large tree log is right inside the gate appropriately for remounting.
I thought of my friend Jenn over at Green Slobber on my shirt's neat-o- mounting pedestal & Lisa's need for a mounting ramp soon..this size was perfect for that..though...

She is soo funny, my mare...whenever she does not want to do as I wish..she will turn her head the way she'd like to go or just plain ignore me by putting it down to the ground in avoidance altogether!
I was trying to show how high the tree log was here for Lisa and she would not cooperate with a straight horse body!

An attempt to show you some great big older growth trees...head down view makes that tough!

So...we walked quite far down the road like paths, till we spied a pond and many creeks and also some very stinky Skunk cabbage and an awesome barn. The paths went on and on to my delight...but my ankle and the creeks kept me from going further.....then, there WAS the ordeal of walking all the ways back. Hummm...should I try....do I dare?
I have never ridden my mare outside bareback. And in a halter, never. I do ride in sometimes a" bitless bridle" ; that is about the equivalence of a halter for my mare , according to "Horse Journals" latest issue. At least I know she will respond to that...but the bareback...?...
Okay...I kinda have to try since my ankle was yelling some fierce names at me by now.

I did take the lash off my training/carrot stick and tied it firmly around her neck for some holding on power for myself. Then I placed my left hand firmly in place around it with the rope rein's bridged too!

I kept taking large deeps breaths of air to keep myself relaxed...she was fine..me well...pensive some.

She did...well, you'll see here!

So, This is what we did yesterday, after opening up the wonderful package from FIVEOCLOCKSOMWHERE. . . . .as seen in post below!


  1. Looks like you had a pretty adventure-filled ride!!! Wow!!!

    Check out my blog at www.stewylydia.blogspot.com.
    It's all about my horsey life, with my horse, Stewy.


  2. Oh, I forgot to mention my aid into the canter. Sorry.

    This is from the trot:

    I support with my outside rein (hold steadily... but not too tightly), I am constantly sponging with my inside rein (I sponge according to his strides), and once he is collected fully and in a bit of a frame, I move my outside leg a bit farther back, keep my inside leg on the girth, (I also usually tend to raise my outside rein) and still holding steady with the outside rein and sponging with the inside rein, I squeeze with the outside leg while holding my inside leg firmly on his side. Usually he picks it up within a few strides.

  3. What a great ride! And great pics...thanks for sharing it....

  4. Lydia thanks for the suggestions. I am being very quiet with my outside leg...it already is in position with hips the way I want hers.

    Gail Yes, thanks for stoppin' in today!

  5. Looks like the enchanted forest! Not only did you ride bareback with just a halter, you rode one handed! Impressive!

  6. Wow Kacy! nice ride, I can ride Gilly with the rope halter too, he does well. I also was going to ask you about the "bitless bridle", I have one also and Gilly likes it and does very will with it. I am not brave enough, yet, to try to ride bareback. Awesome ride girl!!! Wa really moves out, Gilly is a plodder, LOL. He is a hard one to get to move forward; we are working on it! :-)

  7. What a great ride - thanks for taking me along! I was taking some deep breaths, too... I think maybe I'm better on a bike than your mare, but she didn't spook - thank goodness! She's beautiful!

  8. That looks like it was a fun ride and good experiences. On canter you can abandon strong leg cues and just use your seat. Opposite hip (to desired canter lead) back, seat bone down into saddle exerting pressure. This automatically moves your outside leg position slightly back. "Drill" the outside seat down until depart. Repeat until horse gets it. I ride upper level dressage and I teach this to all my horses from the walk first on a long rein. This way they must only use their muscles (not yours) and you are not managing them every step of the way. Long run makes for wonderful transitions. Short term work but well worth it. After they get this "cue" then pick up reins for collection aids. Now you probably think I am crazy. :)

  9. Tara!!! The woman of the hour! I soooo love my jewlery treats!!!
    I wore the coin today and it rather looks and feels like a Metal I won!

    Jane well the moving out and forward naturally occurs...it's called going home for her oats!
    Ther Bitless Bridal is a fine one...jsut for green unexperinced horses(like mine) you will not ever be able to communicate well enough for flexation or bend. Not for training in anyway...just for pleasure, and without too much communication.

    Thanks Barb..tell ya what- I'll ride tandem with you and you can ride double with me!

    Sandy C Yea...could you tell, really?

  10. Oh Thanks Julia!!!

  11. Okay...you covered a lot and I probably will forget 1/2 of what I wanted to say, but thanks for thinking of me when you ar eout on those trails!! We would have a great time out there, wouldn't we??? :)

    And that tree farm??? How cool is that???? Cantering tips...None that I can think of other than to collect her up and use your aids (which I am sure you already do) before you take off.

    I am lucky with Bo...because he was shown so much, he will go from a walk (or a standstill) to a canter with a little cue. Nice huh???

    Oh, and I LOVE your new trinket!!!
    Take care, and happy trails to you!! :0

  12. sorry for the wordiness~April 1, 2009 at 6:55 AM

    Mellie I think we would have some fun! I miss Pantz for the standstill canter depart. She was onw like Bo, that new all the sublte promtings

  13. One other note on the canter...when starting at walk and horse breaks to trot simply halt the horse for a four or five count and ask again. You may have to do many repetitions to get to canter. But you trying to pattern a new response. Your horse will have to "experiment" to figure out to go to canter as opposed to trot.

  14. Kacy...I loved the video. You are brave to get on and ride back bareback. A testimonial to the relationship you have with Wa. Have you ever ridden her with a neck rope?

  15. You always have THE BEST pictures! Like someone said..it does look like an enchanted forest...One day....ONE DAY mark my words...I'll visit and ride with ya in that enchanted forest! You necklace is SO awesome!!!! What a lucky girl you are!!!!!!!!! I've actually got Five O'clock Somewhere's etsy shop open in another tab and doing some window shopping...I'm drooling! LOL I need my lessons to get started so that i know what you all are talking about!! I just get on and ride, my horses just know what to do, but I KNOW they would really perform if I knew what I was doing rather than being a passenger! LOL Soon...

  16. Whoo hoo!! Good for you girl. I too, take those deep, cleansing breaths when I get nervous...and sing too. Helps me to overcome some of my fear issues and seems to help my pony relax. Oh my gosh!!! Have you ever got the most freaking awesome places to ride or WHAT!!?? I am so jealous, I could just spit...I wanna come and ride there. The footing looks perfect too. Oh man oh man I need to get on my horse and soon or I just may bust!! Give that good girl of yours a big old kiss and a carrot for me will ya??
    Blessings to you too Miss Kacy.

  17. I am still so jealous of all the great places you have to ride!...and your bravery at trail riding bareback and in a halter!

  18. What a beautiful day the two of you spent and bareback, wow! Your mare is so funny the way she lets you know she wants to do something else.
    I hope your drive to Seattle was safe and you are home once again.
    I have heard about bitless bridles but my trainer sasy no way.
    Thank you for letting us spend the beautiful day with you.

  19. Julia I hope Gemma is better! Thanks again for the tips..today will try in the arena ~

    Lori was banking on the relationship to Wa in getting on bareback. she did wince a bit with the new feel and rounded up like a buck wouod occur...then settled into walking steadily home.
    Neck rope -no-...need to do this more before I add another goal like that!

    Rae Funny you mentioed "Passenger" I was thinking you should find someone to mentor you in that natural horsemanship tecnique."Pushing Passenger". Wa needed more structure but did finally relax into it.
    My enchanted forest awaits you or nay who would love to ride in a dreamy wooded glenn! I have extra horses for you!

    Lorie Don't spit! Just ride...hope you get to sometime soon. We are coming your way this e weekend with the horses...BEACH!

    Cass's mom I feel very blessed to have such great locals to ride into...after what I went through to get here..I am soaking it up BIG TIME!

    Mountain Woman Thanks and it was awesomne.
    The Bitless is a fine bridle for a well trained horse. It in no way can train an animal for refinement- just whoa.
    I is unable to communicate for any flex or bending needs of your horse.
    That is good to know..for me it will be a casual trail headstall...that allows Wa to have some lunch too...should we stop!

  20. This is awesome reading about your experiences with your trusted friend. And, I like looking at the photos you take from your vantage point in the saddle.

    Oh, and I'm glad I could give you and your clientele something to talk about yesterday. ahahaha Always glad to hear I entertained ;-)

  21. You are so lucky to have such amazing trails!

  22. How lucky you are to ride in such a beautiful, beautiful area. Thanks for the photos and the video. Felt like I was tagging along. Sure wish I could!

  23. I got to ride again today!!!It was grand!

  24. Misty Glad you came along for the ride!

    Veronica I am sooo happy to be where I am now!

    Strawberry You can ride wiht me anytime! Here, or in person!

    Jane Yeeha! You better tell me about it!

  25. Hey great news about your results! I am glad. You should send me a message via email so I can respond to you on off the comments...Sometimes readers might just be like "What?" if we try to have a conversation like that. Or if you click the view email box in your settings it will show your email when you leave a comment. Then I can respond directly to you that way!

    I am so glad about your horse though.

  26. sent you an email about the ride, with pictures, not of gilly though.

  27. Stupid snow and airport cutting your ride short on the mare! I'm glad you didn't have to make that drive, that didn't sound fun!
    The pics of the Wa mare and the trees with moss are so pretty and I will be forever jealous of your trails and adventures- even though I'm pretty happy on my circle:-)

  28. I'm so proud of Kacykins! I love to ride my mare bareback, but I've only done it in the round pen, arena, or around the house and paddocks...never on the trails. You are brave, my friend!

    And lucky, too! Such amazingly beautiful trails to ride on, as if they were made just for horse riding, too. Wa is doing great for assimilating herself into these new trails...especially when she rides out only with you and no other horses.
    That is just a true testament as to how much she trusts you. Wow!

    Oh! And such a special little necklace, too. I'm sure it will always be treasured :)

    I do love my Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle. I used it on my mare for over a year and was mostly happy with it, and will still use it again when I ride, but you are right about it being for more casual rides...and riding while letting the horse graze.

    Sometimes my mare gets obstinate and grouchy and goes barn sour on me. And then she tells me she wants to go back home. She tries to take her head back, and we end up in a tug-o-war. The Bitless Bridle becomes very difficult to use when this happens because it criss-crosses under the jaw, and when my mare pulls, and I pull back, one rein becomes short and the other too long.
    And then there is no way to get it back to the way it's supposed to be again without dismounting and resetting it.
    Also, the nose band doesn't exert enough pressure, which doesn't remind my mare to mind her manners and go the way I ask her to.

    So, sometimes I have to go back to using a snaffle bit for soem remedial training and reminders. sigh.

    But I do love the Bitless Bridle anyway, don't you?

    Have you had any issues like mine, too?


  29. LOL!
    Kacykins, I just noticed the word verification for the next comment and had to share!!!

    word verification: farters


  30. Julia I will do that

    Jane I need to get on the E-mail after we get back from the coast...

    Denise Well, if you are EVER out in the west here..you have a hotrse to ride with me!

    Lisa I am proud of the mare..she really has taken on new surroundings well each time we have gone somewhere new..she likes different things all the time...nothing too, too much fazes her.
    Glad you like the mounting pedistal..hope your hubby can do that for you...I love them..jsut m,akes it so much nicer and easier on the horsey!

    I do like my bitless alot...have had some issues with stopping a few times..it seems to really constrict her breathing..she really leaned into it. I still am glad In got it though. I jsutn have to be carefull when I use it..not in groups.

    Sopmetimes those word veris are hilarious!


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