Monday, March 2, 2009

Monochrome Monday

Please click the Icon to visit many spectacular Monochrome Monday sites! Coming out of a treacherous relationship, I would never fathom that the metal sign I purchased for my best est friend last year for her New house warming, would be the saving grace of God to me...she has taken me in with my mare on their 20 acres...effectively exampling what is always present in thriving healthy lives!
She and her husband are the richest people I know, in this department of Loving. I am Eternally grateful~


  1. Good to have friends.

  2. Kacy, glad to hear that things are looking up! Thank God for good friends!!! :-)
    Is your other blog up yet????

  3. Where would we be without our good friends to help get us through?

  4. Good for you! I'm glad you went that route . . . I think it will be a good step. I emailed you to see how you were doing am happy to see you were probably moving and settling in! Spring is coming and Wa's gonna love that grass. ;)


  5. I'mso happy you were able to find a place that you feel safe leaving your horse and that you had someone to get you out of a pickle!! YEA!!!! Ditto Jane! Let me know! Talk soon!

  6. Love your new header, is that Wa? That is a fabulous beach pic, I'm so jealous- the one time I take Less to the beach and my pics suck!

    I musta missed something? are you having troubles?

  7. Wow, how comfortable to fall on such a great soft spot! Good friends are Godsends. I love the photos from your last action series, by the way! ;) And the header, it's beautiful!

  8. Looking forward to hearing more. And yes, love that pic!

    untaill: what goats do to horse tails

  9. Aw, that is lovely! I wish I had a friend here in Niger with lots of acres too, haha! I love the new header, that picture of you and Wa is so lovely!

  10. so glad that this is working for you,I love true goodly & godly friends even if they aren't mine,I mean if you do good in this world what's not to love right! Yays all around,and hugs too!

  11. Oh Kacykins! What comes around truly goes around. You must be a friend to have friends. And you are one beautiful person inside and out. And your friends know this...and even new friends are drawn to you, my sweet beautiful lady.

    How do I know.....because I'm your friend, too.
    I'm so happy for you that I could sing! (But I won't so I don't scare anyone. hehe)



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