Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monochrome Monday

After riding in the deep woods today, we came out to the clearing, just in time to see the sunset over the forest~

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  1. You have some beautiful places to ride.

  2. Any one of the shots from the trail would be an attention getter, but the sunset is just flat awesome! Nice work!

  3. Lovely images with the promise of sunshine.

  4. Really gorgeous pictures - including your header.

  5. Lovely pictures. They work so much better in monochrome

  6. Wonderful photos. Looks like a love trail to ride your horse. (you will like my entry this week I think)

  7. I love the photos! So much texture and the sun through the trees just gorgeous!

  8. Great photos, all, but I especially like the third one...I don't know why exactly, but it captivates me - looks like a good spot to watch for faeries! LoL...

    Thanks for sharin' these, and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

  9. Well look at you go girlie!!! I am glad to see that you are feeling better, have been riding, and are now back to posting again!! :)

    I am also thrilled that you have found such cool trails at your new place (and a good riding buddy it appears!!!).

  10. Oh...and how could I forget to mention your new header????? Fabulous, Kacy, just fabulous!! :)

  11. Lovely as usual!!!!! Hope you had a great weekend!

  12. Nice photos....I love black and whites and you have great contrast. Seems to me that you and your horse are very happy.

  13. Hi, I'm back for the explanation of picasa 'click and enlarge'. I'm sure it works if you choose your picture in picasa and click on the 'blog this' button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. And I don't know why, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't if you import your photos into your post the 'normal' way (when you are making your post in blogger and clicking on the import-picture image). Blogposts are a nightmare to lay-out don't you think?

    Good luck with it!

  14. You captured the sun's rays wonderfully. Like your new page/picure/top thingy.

  15. ramblingwoods Yes we do, I totally hit the jackpot when i moved my mare here!

    wilsonc Thank you ver much

    Mojo I apprecaite that from YOU!

    Babooshka yes, it has appeared several times fleetingly of late!

    Aileni Oh Thanks!

    Robin Glad you liked

    Anon Mono makes all things beautiful

    Carolina Oh thanks sooo much. I did love your shot as well!!~
    Yea...If I do a picasa psot..I may only submit 1 photo..but will do that next time. Thanks for the explaination!

    Blue eyed Tango...thanks..I love woods in Mono!


    Mo Yea...I wish I could have stared at the stump was pretty neat-o-.Thanks for visiting!

    Mel HIYA!!! There she is! Yes, I am loving the new place and the fact that my permanent riding buddy is the gal that got me back into riding in the first place!!
    Thanks on the header mention..I am having fun being able to take snaps in video too!

    Rae thanks sweet..nice new Profile photo!

    Daryl Thank you and thanks for visiting too!

    Lori Yeppers...the mare and I could not be happier... we just needed a bit of purification process! The woods make great MONO pics!

    Gail It was just about gone as I came out of the woods..pure luck!
    Thanks, I love creating weith that Picasa!

  16. These are wonderful!! I really like the sun through the trees in the 2nd shot and the last one is breathtaking and in black and white no less! :-)


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