Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lovely day for a ride

Well...yesss, the weatherman was right about it getting sunny and 55 degrees!
So we headed out on past my new favorite tree...that has elephant trunk sized and larger lower limbs that stick straight out!

And we technically are in the foothills so there is still snow on some of our was pretty.

LOOK what I found today....a rather long and perfectly packed and flat roadway system. It has 3 or more directions. Some hilly and some long a flat, like this one.
I was just yearning for a place to set up some jumps on the trails!! !

I cleared some of the roadway then made three jumps with what I could find. I spaced them out for one canter stride in between. The first one had red tape wrapped as a jump pole before the jump. It seemed to help her with the timing. It was sooo awesome! I was smiling the whole time having found this perfect area.

So I did the long loop again, the road was in the middle of that. Then on the way home after clearing one part of a new trail-tome- I found another shorter loop through the forest!

Twas a great day all in all...some nervous behaviour in an area that she was it will be like that probably always..she seems to dislike certain things like-close in greenery of a canopy overhead. Nothing awful just antsy.
The start of the ride was a bit tense though...before we left the driveway. I got on and realized...I had no helmet on or gloves..felt naked and she felt like an explosion waiting to go off! We sidestepped over the the trailer- 4 times -before she'd stand for me to reach the helmet bag.
I booted her all fours today with "Old mac's G-2's" So I may trot and canter on the little bit of roadway take(right now) to get where we go. There are about 4 other trails that I think may lead us to the same places but...another day. But booting her takes away my handicap...tender toes on she was just wanting to MOVE!!!! She had 2 days off and it does built up in her.
I am so relieved that I feel so at ease with her care enough to take times off...It is such a blessing to know she is in the best hands now! My PBO is just awesome ...the way a Prof should be with her word being like GOLD. I missed that somehow, in my last situation.
So..what happened after I took her cooler off tonight gave me thoughts of our friend Lisa.
I popped up to hang my cooler and came down really wrong on my right ankle...pop-pop-pop it went ripping.
I almost passed out..then thew up!
I called my Friend, who just took off to walk home..she came right back! I got Arnica cream on it and took homeopathic Arnica too...then 2 Advil and she drov me up to the house and we vet wrapped ice to it for an hour before I drove, left footed, home.
I am iced adviled and beered up right now..not feeling too bad.
Supposed to ride tomorrow with Gem...hummm well hurt pretty bad and is black and blue.
Me out for now...


  1. Wow! Such lovely trails and wonderful adventures for you and Wa to explore together. Such an exciting clearing road for you to hack and jump on, too.
    All this makes me yearn to trailer my mare up there and ride with you someday. I would love it! And I have always had a fantasy to ride a horse on the beach, too. I wonder how my mare would do. It's doubtful this landlocked mare has ever seen that much water before. lol!

    OH NO about your ankle!! I really do hope it is nothing more than a light sprain. And I hope it heals up quickly and painlessly. Please take it easy so that you don't possible cause more damage or injury, ok?

    Keep us updated, my friend,


  2. Hey thanks for the heads up about Kyfarmlife, I'll see what I can do for her. I go over for a visit.
    You have such an interesting place to explore...all we have are open fields around here! I like your last post too, wow the bottom photo the water was SO calm I had to look at it a while to figure it out. Hope your ankle gets better fast!

  3. Kacy, beautiful trails you have to ride on, lucky girl!!! I rode Gilly on Tues. for about an hour. Round pen and then some on the road, couldn't go out of Pokey's sight, he has a little fit if I do.
    Oh, your ankle!!! I truly hope it is only a light sprain and nothing more. Do take care of it and hope you are on the mend soon. I can't believe how lucky I have been with my horse accidents, no broken bones, no sprains only a few bruises. Some one is sure looking out for me. :-)
    Take care,

  4. If you have any doubts about your ankle, have it checked or your recovery could be much longer (and then what about riding???). Looks like you have some nice options for riding. You have 55 degrees and back here it snowed again today and started out in the low 20s. Hope things are a little better today.

  5. Lisa OH YEA BABY< Come on Up for a horsesy visit. We shall take real good care of you and go to the beach!

    Blue Tango I think our little foal may not have fared well of late..she was prety upset last night

    Jane I am thanking God for the Kick in the behind to get out of my destitiute situation atthe other facility. I LOVE these trails..NO-MOTOR cycles...I can barely believe it! And I have such enbcouragement to grow..may take the instructors course at our local Equine Christian Academy with my freind and PBO. She wishes to do ministry in her faciity when it is built.

  6. That was a gorgeous tree, but i have to admit I was all about the red ears. I love those things. Maybe I missed it, but why do you use them?

    As others have said, get that ankle checked. It's a long road if you just limp along...

  7. So these are all new trails that you are staking out? No fair! That sounds like so much fun. That tree is awesome looking, but looks a little nerve-rcking- perfect for the horse to go under and volia, you'r gone!
    EEK I hope your ankle isn't badly hurt, that would really suck.
    Glad you're loving the new place, sounds like a good one.

  8. Hey its me! Yeah, its as bad as I feared..we did loose him. It was about 3am and I didnt want to wake you. I got your message, I was sleeping off my sadness...thanks for sending blue eyed tango over...I look forward to "meeting" her!
    How's the ankle this morning? I hope that your fairing better! Let me know!
    I am now TOTALLY jealous of your beautiful surroundings when you ride! OMG girl how lucky you are! You have so much fun waiting for you when you ride Wa now, and I know its a lot a relief to have that stress gone! See when one door closes another opens...hope thats true for me after loosing little Radish! I'll talk soon..take it easy on that ankle and PLEASE never forget those gloves and helmet again! Do you think i should put boots on King to ride since he turns that one hoof inward a little?

  9. Ooh, KK. Watch that ankle. Black and blue is usually indicative of a serious sprain, and the only way to heal a serious sprain is rest. In fact a recent study proved that putting a two-week cast on a sprained ankle is far more effective than using tensor bandages etc, so you might want to look into that if it's a bad one. Otherwise it looks like you had a glorious day.

    BTW: You flatter me, but I know very little about pasture management. Grasses have a very short life cycle so there is probably no need to let pasture lie fallow for a whole season -- I think your barn manager is right if she is thinkging 1-month rotations through the summer months. But don't take my word for it! I bet Cherry Hill has some information on this at her site...

  10. The trees are wonderful. I get to look at broken ones here.

  11. Breathe Hi there! Yea...thst made me laugh soo hard when you said you "were all about the Red Ears!"
    They are bonnets that for me keep flys away from the eyes and out of the ears. I think eventers use them to keep ear plugs inside the horses ears sometimes as well. That was NOT text book, but me juat saying why I like them!
    If anyone else really knows...please do tell us!

    I get such flack for using them but do I care?? NA!
    Thanks too for your was soo much better today(ankle) that I am giving it a little time.

    LORI Thanks for the words too... Will work tomorrow and then access.
    I sure hope your warmer springlike weather comes soon and ours is not a false one again!

    Denise I can hardly believe it too!!!!!! I had to go through HELL and Get Kicked out to find this haven with my best friend and also some of the nicest local trails...I am feeling blessed truly!

    Oh Rae! To read your just makes me sob all over again. I am sorry. There is another darned cute foal in Heaven! Ya know..when the mother knows and acts like that..sould have been the clue. Nature and animals are amazing.

    Yes, that last "barn Door" slammed in my face for the best reasons ever!
    The true Edification of spirit means more to me than Ammenities any day..I think I finally got it! Took 3 really nice facilites to get that through! If the folks running the place are Wack...just kills the joy!

    Well Rae...please do concentrate on that nice mare. I do know they feel a loss too..not like we do but you can become a respected/trusted friend to her I know.
    We shall talk very soon my dear~

    Gail. I do dislike it when the poor tree break like that. Did they uproot or snap?

  12. Kacy,
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today. I struggle with my faith just like everyone but the times God speaks to me (or to me through others) are quite humbling and amazing.
    Enjoy the blessing God granted you with those beautiful trails and a safe stable for your Wa and remember to give God the glory!

  13. Beautiful woods! I wish I could ride some trails like that.
    Ooooh, hope your ankle heals up quick. My son had a nasty swelling and bump on his foot that the Drs thought for sure was fractured. He was up and about in just over a week. This was his third (and worst) injury in the same place from skateboarding.

  14. Kacy, I hope your ankle heals soon! And I really hope you didn't do anything really nasty to it.

    I'm glad you're happy with your new barn. We're loath to move north at all as we've finally found a barn we're happy with and Casey is doing so well there! I really don't want to have to go through all of the hunt and garbage again trying to find just the right place.

  15. Those trails are amazing, wish we had some like that here. Like her red ears too. I hope your ankle is doing better, if not you should head out to the ER and see what's going on with it.


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