Monday, March 9, 2009

My World with a horse

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The mare and I start off on an adventure, solo into the woods of uncharted friend has saved the best for me as we discovered -new to her-areas last weekend but ran out of time. I wanted to see if the trail we found, had a loop to it.

I am tired of trails and roads with one way in and out.
I also hope to find less roads and hopefully less hills to have to come home on! I seek a lovely footed trail with flat/soft surfaces.
I know they are around here, as we have the Forest Ranger living so close at hand!

So after about a nice 2 hour loop,YESSSSS Loop, we found one of the nicest, longest, gradual hills midway through it with many, many "jutting off" trails that I will have to bring markers for in future rides.
The Long Hill was very kind, all flat with no rocks whatsoever!
My mare has NEVER asked to stop,save one time on the beach when I let her pick the time to stop. She actually asked twice on this hill.

This is going to be a very fit season coming, I predict!

We made it back home before the third wave of snowy weather I untacked and put her cooler on. Even though she has a trace clip..the longer hair on her neck and body were quite wet.

I am so proud of my Thoroughbred mare...going into unknown territory with little to no hesitation. We encountered many new trails and sights and sometimes odd sounds.
We had a rather large herd of multicolored and sized goats run up to us at one point. The trail was narrow and I wondered if my mare would decide to blaze a new direction for it- like sideways...NOPE! She tweeked and ear, and that was it!
A large "pony sized" dog we heard (I spied)made her a tiny bit nervous as we neared a property..her memory of recent offenses, serves her well.
She will eventually calm, I believe. Though, I do plan on caring "Bear mace" soon, for our higher mountain areas we now ride, just in case of an animal offender or other predator-2 or 4 legged.
All in all, it has been an eventful week..and it is only Tuesday!

My friend and I visited a stable today that she may copy for her own indoor space next year. Until then, we will trailer in to ride ,for a very reasonable price. PLUS+++We got a nice surprise of being able to receive lessons with a clinician that trained under Debbie McDonald !

I am so pleased with these promising outcomes for the mare and I.
Thankful to God for the "Kick start", to achieve and grow!


  1. beautiful horse is a beautiful setting, thanks for sharing.

    all horse stuff: dispelling myths that TBs are crazy one post at a time.

    ~lytha in germany

  2. One name - LOVE!!! The horse is love. Thank you!

  3. I love that! The trail was beautiful but I read you on the need for freedom! If you come to West Africa, you must stop at Isthar's Ark and try the bush with Arwen! Or maybe Isolde will be all ready that day?

    Your Wa is beautiful. I love her!

    Warm greetings from Ishtar's ark!

  4. Nice! That trail looks lovely, nothing like that around here in the desert...but lovely in a different way. How great that you get to ride to the beach, too! That would be so much fun.

  5. Mostly Greek to me since I don't speak horse, but it looks like a great place for some quality time with your best friend.

  6. What a great post and nice place to ride! Your mention of the bear mace reminds me of a time when I was in Alaska on a trail ride bringing up the rear and the guide said lets all think about our last trail mate in back who could become a bear treat! Not funny! He wasn't joking either! It was his way of saying thanks for taking the risk and lets keep our eyes and ears open for her in the event a bear comes into our path! Yikes! Looks like the adjustments are going well for you both in your new place!

  7. have some awesome places to ride! Me and Gilly wanna come for a visit and go for a trial ride with you!!!
    What a peaceful, beautiful place you and Wa have now. She looks so at peace and happy there. What a beautiful girl she is!!!

  8. Leonnbg Yessss, Love it is!

    Esther I will take you up on this offer someday...need to come back and visit my family there again!

    Heart of a Cowgirl The desert, I am sure offers it's own special ridng. The beach is the best for my Thoroughbred steed!

    Mojo yes, you got that friend times to be had, thanks for stoppin in!

    BE Tango ((HA)) that made me really chuckle..but it truley was not funny..nice for the advanced warning of your high sacrificial position!
    Yes..adjustments are perfectly wonderful...blessing in disguise.

    Jane come on over...we have room for horsey sleep overs and camping too!

  9. YEA! I am so happy to see you back again K. You know I mean back to happy right? That Wa is a special girl and you are blessed to have her. Hugs!

  10. What a fun and relaxing day! I'm glad your new trail was so nice.

  11. Lovely mare and nice greenery along the trail. I liked having a mare's eye view.

  12. What beautiful pictures. And that trail looks interesting and I wish I had one here like that. Thanks for taking so many nice pictures.

  13. Your trails look so gorgeous!
    Klein and I wanna come visit!

  14. What a beautiful place to ride. I could almost smell the trees. Great pix. Wonderful horse. Lucky you. Thanks for visiting my site! Stop back.

  15. oh this was so much fun, i want to come along

  16. Oooh, I'm so jealous of your lovely new trails! I hope my move turns out as well for me and the horses as yours did for you and Wa! Keep taking pictures for us, please.

    Also I think the quote at the top of your blog is wrong.... horses do try to impress other horses all the time. They just don't take it so seriously. We dwell too much on our perceived failures.

  17. TRCowgirl Yes I do know...I AM BACK!! Just truly did not know how badly I was constrained and suppressed!

    Louise Thanks, I love where I live and the blessing of an Equine partner

    Barb Thanks for stoppin!

    Gray Horse You know me...I take tons of pics...makes my girlfriend crazy cause I always have the thing pointed her direction!One reason to let me go first...te he

    Stace! Glad your'e back!!! Gotta come over to see your reunion with the Klein mare!
    I think of you while I am out and abouit..need to get my Equine GPS so I can have you teach me how to use it!

    APalmer It does smell so nice out there...Can't wait till warmer times...there are so many creeks and ponds where I am now!Gonna be fun swimming!

    Fund! Hiya, yea, I do hope you get a great local too! Hang thoughts are for you and yours!
    Awe...I thought it funny slogan, now I have to change it! Well, I do Like change!!!

  18. Hey Kacy-kins! I love your new header. Your thumb is up and your so happy!
    And I am happy for you, too!

    What lovely trails all so close to the barn. Lucky you! And good Wa for going forward and trusting you in such a new place. She is happy to in her new place.

    The nightmare is over now, my friend.
    Happiness and fun adventures from here on!


  19. such beautiful horse and it seems she's enjoying your sojourns out:) felt like i were with you on the trail too.

  20. How fun to have so many new trails to explore! What a great team you and Wa make!


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