Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

Ah yes, Spring with it's many joys, is upon us here in Oregon. The birds wake us in the morning with song, the weeds have popped right up in the yard next to the flowers.....
and shedding definitely is happening with the mare.
I love my Grooming Stone/or Brick for very well with the MUDD too.
Washashe is able to roll in her blanketless horses body now, as my
PBO takes it off for N/C - from over nights that still are 30 degrees.

She gets to be a horse again!

The Charcoal-ish brick starts square and wears down to a round stone looking object.
So when you need an edge run it across the floor once or twice and it creates an edge again.
The mare really dislikes sticky grooming gloves that pull her hair or rigid this has turned out to be a life saver for her thin skin! She tells me it actually feels good too! She is a picky one.

These lighter/ longer times I am very much enjoying for my favorite twilight rides...Just have to get the ride-home-timing memorized in my new woods and how long things take since I may get so much farther away now.
Head lamp and breast collar lamps for the mare my be in order.

Today,we cross a rather large sounding creek...we went out 2 hours yesterday, but turned back as we came up a new ridge. We could hear the creek below.
Until we meet again~ KK and Wa out and about~
We meet up with a fellow rider tonight that boards 3 miles away..she is going to help us in her arena starting next week. And, he is introducing me to some English folks that actually live on my mare's Stable's street that are Eventers and are building a course and arena 1 mile from us!


  1. I love my Slick 'N Easy too! I found it great to also help remove those loose scabs from boo-boos when they're off the skin but still stuck in the hair.

    I shave my Freya dog every year to limit the amount of shed hair in the house and mats that might accumulate if I were to miss a couple days of brushing. I won't do that for another couple months (as she's not really shedding yet).

    I have also debated clipping Casey to shorten the shedding process, especially as a good chunk of him has already had a trace clip for winter work. If I zipped off the hair on his top line, only his legs would be left fuzzy and they shed out faster than the rest of him. But then he'd need a blanket on all the time for a while yet.

    Guess I'm just stuck with flying hair for a while!

  2. You and Wa sure are happy. Now, do you think all things happen for a reason?

  3. Hey Kacykins,

    Those grooming stones are neat. I've never tried them for removing hair. Around here most people use them to remove bot fly eggs. They do a great jopb easily.

    Look at you. So many new and exciting doors are opening for you and Wa now. I'm thrilled for you my beautiful friend!


  4. Kacy, sounds like fun adventures lie ahead for you and beautiful Wa! How exciting!!!
    Love those stones, Gilly has several. haven't tried it on Pokey we will see what he thinks of them.

  5. I've never used the stones but I've seen others use them. Are they really more effective than a shedding blade or curry comb? Gabe's skin is VERY sensitive and he's been quite adamant that I limit the pressure of the curry. I'd be willing to try the stone if it is indeed effective.

    That photo of Wa shows what a beautiful, soft, kind eye she has.

  6. O Sunshine That's the name..I forgot that part! There is something about clipping a horse this late in the season that my sis said not to do it...maybe growing startes earlier and that is why they shed as well..guessing here..but, I'd just use the stone!
    Hair, hair every where!

    Lori Yes there is a purpose for all, and I did not listen very well to the "GO"...I made the plan then got lulled into staying. I now know that listening to God is worth far more than being dazzled by what "looks" good...ot "sounds good.

    Lisa Meee too!!! Thrilled to be me!

    Jenn They are very good for the removal of dirt and hair, bott eggs too.
    I have a soft brush in one hane and that in another...The hair comes right off and there is NO cleaning the stone..jsut sharpening it..I actually did it on the tire of the trailer yersterday as there was no other hard surface around!

    They are soo should give it a go.Gabe will thank you!

    sputh a spidery spin on Truth

  7. I've never used those grooming stones before, but they sound great! I will pass this on to my mom, who has a horse with sensitive skin.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Trying out polocrosse sure was fun. And my hand was only a little sore the next day...
    Enjoy those Oregon trails!

  8. Ahhh, the shedding stone! That's what I call it anyway. Everybody I've ever introduced to it loved it and bought their own. The only thing that even compares is, uh, the rubbery thing that looks like a shampoo massager? This is the first link I found that looks like it.

    Glad to hear you might have arena and XC access! How exciting!

  9. G'day from Australia. It's spring for you but autumn for us.

    Coincidentally, my shot today is of a horse as well - a really unusual horse!

  10. Cool that you have some people close by to ride with! Sounds like there would be some exciting opportunities in your future.

    I have really been enjoying the longer days too, I've been riding every night after work since the time changed.


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