Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Euphoric is the feeling

I lost some good friends for riding when I was asked to leave my last facility. It was a heart break and though I talk with them, almost daily, and they may come to my facility and ride with me on our trails and on our horses; I may not visit them, pick them up for trails, beach trips or camping(I was just told this recently,by one still there).
Well today, one of my bestest friends there gave NOTICE!!! HA!
She is moving her horse to an excellent facility that I referred her to. I was on the top of the list to go there since last year, when I tried to escape my last facility... but they only had room for one horse, I had 2 at the time.
They really know how to manage propery for pasture grazing and always have grass there! Maddy mare will not only get more to eat on a regular basis, she will have all her antioxidents and Omega's too!
The husband/ wife team called me this mo, 6 days after I had moved to Gemma's, where I am now. I was in shell shock and couldn't imagine interviewing again and decided to stay put.
That is when My friend, with her little buckskin beauty mare, called me to ask me where to go, she was thinking of leaving.
I get to keep her!!! I can visit her anytime and ride with her always...In Fact, we have booked a beach date already, and Camping too!
This is her last year, while we discovered the joy of trails together. She had just started to trailer her mare and I got to help, it was a privilege.
She is the one that got me to blog in the first place, because of her love for her mare and the trials she has gone through with her..check her Equinemine blog out!
NOW-I will get some more of these fabulous" Behind the Scenes" Pics she is not so fond of!!


  1. Hey...Kacy and Company!!! What good news. I have read both of your blogs and am very happy to know that things are working out. Still wish I could be with you on that trip to the beach.

  2. Kacy, how great for you and your friend that the two of you can ride together again. The people, (not sure they are human) at the last place sound really bitter and just plain mean! Both you and your friend will have happy days again!!! Yea!!!
    In regards to the last place you were at, just do like Buster our little male dog after he does his thing out in the yard. He kicks his hind feet, digs up grass and such and kicks it in the direction of what he just left in the yard, like he is covering it up! You know where I am going with this, its just crap, kick dirt on it and go on with life!! You are free now and don't look back!! LOL
    Can't wait to see more pictures of beach rides and such!
    Thanks for your kind words on my last ROCK girl!!!
    Jane and Gilly

  3. Hi Kacy,
    What a pretty mare! You're so lucky to have such a great place to ride!
    I had to laugh....and agree with what Jane A. said above about her dog kick dirt after he goes to the bathroom! What good advice!! Sometimes it's hard to let go of past hurts we have because people are so unbelievably rude and hateful. Just when you think you've moved comes another arrow! Ultimately it's our choice how we'll let it affect us and our health. So glad to see you happy! Blessings!

  4. Yes Lori...Hay ya! It is good ol' news to be sure.
    I wish you could come too!!!
    What horse would you choose to bring?

    Jane yea, it feels good to have not lost her in all the MESS.
    I did pick the mares feet in the driveway before we left and then my own...leaving the dirt behind as they were so unreceptive. Okay...I will move "onward and forwards" as my mom always says!

    BE Tango Thanks for the are the 3rd or 4th to mention these pearls of wisdom...I got it, and sunshine is over me and in my heart, it is sunny!

    Veronica Maddy mare is adorable...she has quite the story too...My friend has done a fabulous job of restoring her to health and mental fitness.

  5. Hey there girlie!!!
    See??? All things happen for a reason and work out in the end (usually!!).

    I wish that I could come on some of your summer trips with you. Maybe next year when I am done with school and back at work.....

  6. Mellie, yes this really was a God send! I wish we could ride..but understand

  7. I cant believe they are still being ugly! Like jane said...poop on them! Its good to know that you have people who you can ride with! I want to be there to ride with you allllllll!!!! I'm so whiney! That buckskin is just awesome with that nice dorsal stripe and perfect markings! Shes got a beauty!

  8. Rae last night I was at my PB and ther is a new gal there that we are mentoring in horse..she is leasing Danny. I don't remember how it came up but my PBO said somthing to her and she said, "Drama in barns??" Of course I piped in.., "Yea, I got kicked out of my last one!"
    She had never heard of such a thing as "high barn drama"!
    Good for'll only be a rumor of someone elses's nighmare here...we inmtend on encouragement only, NOT underhanded slander and malace!
    Nice to do things the way there are suspossed to be done,with Christian love and acceptance, I love it!


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