Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tis the Season

It has been almost 3 weeks since our move and I am shocked with just how long my mare has been in love(lust) for her new geldings. She pines for them and woo's them when they are near. She also would love to become closer to the rather In charge mare on the property that would most likely lay her low if she got the chance to. Panna is her name and she examples EXTREME dislike and herds the two geldings away, every chance she gets.
When I allow Wa near her, in halter in hand.....Panna opens her mouth very angrily and says, " Come closer, I WILL eat you!"
Wa is NOT in her right mind..and tries to get closer, while spread eagle. I am not allowing her would not be pretty. Danny here will bite her eventually, as she keeps looking and staring and nuzzling...very annoying ,when there is nothing you can do about it!

Moving on and outside......

The girl was standing there romancing her other gelding and what she allowed me to do, amazed me!
I purchased a rather strong bristled brush with the intention of using it for mudd removal on hooves and half chaps and such before and after rides.
I started on her hooves and continued up to her knees and hocks, lightly; it was really getting some hair off on her legs. She really liked it, mouthing the ground by Romeo. She was doing the "Hump Back" mare in season stance...I quickly had to move the groom box behind her as she was indiscriminate with her ......!
I then took the rather strong bristled brush and ran it across her very flat back as she other things on her mind...she allowed me...actually I was able to brush her all over with that brush and she just stood there. Definitely NOT in her normal mind!

Wa was soo funny, she followed me around till I took her out of the stall, she appeared to be waiting for the outing today in between rain spurts.

We only had time to trot up and back, with a 10 minute respite under a large Fir stand, as the rains hit us hard! It was a very cool trot back though..she was sooo round, as the rain was making her drop her head for reprieve!
We dried off and I finally went home. Tomorrow promises to be the better day for a ride!

This is the Raspberry plant the my friend at Green Grocer gave to me for a start the other night. I mentioned my mare having a hard season this time...just very long.
Raspberry leaves are dried and given to mares and geldings for hormonal balance. I usually give the mare "Mare Magic", but decided to lay off right when we, maybe not the best of timings, this time.
Need to get a LARGER pot for this as it runs and spreads easily...want to try to contain it ; we have a tiny yard!
We will eat the fleshy red droplets fruits and the mare may have the leaves.
For now...Washsahse is back on the store bought-"Mare magic"!


  1. Oh, the mares, the mares! You should have seen Arwen when Illami (the stallion) was in the back! She was suuuuuuuuuch a flirt! And Isolde was totally in love with him! I don't want to think of what they would do with gelding of their own, pulling him in every direction and working constantly on their charm!

  2. Yea is pathetic and sad ...she wants what she wants naturally and can't have it!

  3. lol! Does she also 'wink' at Romeo and Danny Boy, too? It's so embarassingly shameful when my Baby Doll mare is in season and winks and flirts with Val's gelding Scout. He's so goofy. Three mares at his disposal and he can't do a thing about it! hehe

    Wa is looking gorgeous. She must be feeling good now. And a ride in the rain sounds sort of romantic!

    I'm wanting to plant a raspberry plant, too. I wonder if they require a lot of water, though. I do love fresh raspberries. A tiny pint runs $5-6 here!

    word verification: 'buysid'

    Sid is not for sale! (lol!!)

  4. Poor Wa! That must be terrible for a mare to go through that. I have only had one mare and you would never know she was in. Never did anything like that, she would have been a good mom if I had ever had her bred. She adopted a Jersey calf we had and mothered that little guy like it was her own baby! Really funny.
    My neighbors mare is CRAZY for Gilly when she is in and Gilly acts like he is a macho stud! Strutting around neck arched and other parts showing, he has no clue what to do with it but there it is! He wasn't cut proud either, goofy boy! LOL

  5. I've never heard of mare majic...its not on my list to use with Bella! She is one of those mares who gets very hot when in season.....I also didnt know about raspberry leaves! How cool! I always learn something new when I visit!!! Thank God for you!
    I do think your right...Wa is IN LOVE! I can hear her nickering to them from way over here! LOL You can also she how content she is now in her photos since you've moved...good opportunity for you both...that is enough there to show them poopers at the OB!

  6. Wa is such a pretty girl! Our mares cycle altogether now so it's out of the way for awhile. We have a gelding that, Glory (our dominant mare) buddies up to (normally she ignores him)he just starts to figure out that she likes him then she goes out of heat and he goes up to woo her and she gives it both barrels to him! Kick! He's like...."moody woman"! And just walked away shaking his head....literally, probably because he was in much pain! Ouch! We watched this behavior once and he no longer gets to go to pasture when she's in heat because she's could hurt him. Cute post, I like how you wrote commentary on each photo! How do you do that? Have a great night!

  7. I also keep my mare on Mare Magic, and I notice that it does make quite a difference for her. I was just informed of a MUCH cheaper source for Raspberry Leaves at Herb-n-Horse ($4.20/lb) Another source is Monterey Bay
    Spice Company $4/lb

    I have been paying $55 for 32 oz!!! Huge savings! Mare Magic's only ingredient is Raspberry Leaves. Mare Magic is over 6 times more expensive than the bulk raspberry leaves, and it's the EXACT SAME THING! It's amazing what fancy packaging and some good marketing can do. Sheesh!

  8. Interesting. My gelding would love your mare. I was giving him raspberry leaves while he was on depo and it worked quite well.

  9. How funny! My silly mare's head is still out on vacation right now too.

  10. Lisa....I will try to find out about the plants from Gwen..they may be draught tollerant...
    She winks at every one!

    Jane Yea...we hope that this week is it..I am administering the Mare magic!

    Rae...she could probably squirt to your state! She has been terrible with that is everywhere!

    BE Tango ye,a last night Romeo went over to her and she bucked and squeeled..maybe it is almost over!Your poor gelding! I am glad that you are separting is moody mares!
    I got the referral to the nice photo and video freebe from Jane.
    It is called "Picasa 3" Google has it free online.

    Oh Tara..Thanks for that bit of info...will swtich,
    untill I can grown my own!

    Veronica You are the first for me to hear of that actually has used it for her has it on the package yet no one I know ever tried it.
    Nice to hear it helped him!

    dsmjunkie hello! Sorry for the respite of maresense for you too!

  11. Oooh..what a brazen hussy! My husband's mare is all over our geldings and they will actually fight over her if allowed together in the same paddock. Oh, the turmoil those hussies create!

    I had my former mare on raspberry leaves and while there was no huge, life-changing difference, she definitely seemed a bit more relaxed during her cycles.

    Did you know raspberry leaves also help speed up labor in humans?

  12. Jenn no, I did not know that...but I use the tea form for myself to decrease large homonal the WA.
    She only gets the one gelding...he seems to care less..the other one Danny wouold eat her alive and hurt her..he gets tired of it! Romeo is all wet sometimes from her licking him!

  13. Licking him?!? Hussy indeed! Raven had a few cycles like that when she arrived last year, but then they toned down much to Tonka's disappointment. She's had one so far this year, but it was mild. Maybe she'll have another winker next time around.


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