Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Horseplay

Have you ever seen Haute'Ecole ? -Click to view-

This man(and wife team) is an exceptional trainer and has huge relationship and respect with his horses.
It did make me cry, the first time I viewed him working with them.
Please watch Him first...then watch my "Out in the Field" version .
He has a lovely facility..with paintings on the walls and footing to die for.
I have an uneven field with an unsightly view of the renter's house and trailer along side my turnout!

When Washashe did this, I was so pleased; as she was animated in telling me that she was happy to be free from the oppression of the sights and sounds of our last accommodations.
Here, there are NO-DOGS to chase and bite her. She is safe to roam the entire field... with out fear!

No one riding near her stall bedroom on motorcycles randomly!

I especially love the fact that there is not someone firing off rounds of what sounded like a cannon, at the fence line too. She grew increasingly pensive of entering her outdoor stall. It broke my heart to have her dislike her living quarters.

Now she runs and bucks, and lays down, out in the open to rest her pretty horse face!

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The part that the video cut out was my favorite..she put her head down then, started to eat by my feet. I Love this mare!


  1. I love it when they just get to buck and rear according their heart's desire! Wa looks like she's having a blast!!!

  2. Awe, how happy she looks, congratulations! We have some of those things here around our farm....3 wheelers cutting through our property, cannon shots, motorcycles and yes even semi trucks driving down our little country road at full blast as there is a boat company right two doors down from us. No dogs except the occasional coyote in the fields passing through but our horses are stalled at night. I'm so glad you have found solace there.

  3. Look at Wa go! She looks very happy Kacy. Hope you're enjoying your new digs. I sympathize with you greatly, moving is a hard thing to do.

    I love Wa's fleece blanket (that is fleece right?) Is that the Amigo? I've been wanting to get Ink that blanket :D. Love dressing up the ponies.

    Hope you've been having a good week!! Love your trail riding adventure pictures.

  4. Love the picture and the video. Wa is really having a wonderful time playing! she looks happy!! so glad you two are in a happy place now, what a relief that must be.
    hugs to you...

  5. Enough Said about the move! Wa said it all! What a JOY to see her so happy and hear how happy you are! Tried to call tonight! Hopefully can touch base again soon..come check out pics of Georgia and the good news! ANY minute now!

  6. Esther Hi you! Blast she is having!

    Blue Well, you certainly can't pick your neighbors and- every one has them! Sometimes annoying they are, huh!
    Yes, I love the solace I have in mutaul respect with my new found stable.Everytime I have a concern, my friend defers to hearing me makes me know she values me as her client.I treat her the same too..if she has any consternation over something I would like...I easily yeild to her~Reciprocity at it's finest!

    Keri! It is sooo nice to hear from you here! Thanks for coming...I have been so blasted busy trying to set myself straight after a hasty unplanned move. I know you know EXACTLY what I talk!

    Wa's New digs were a gifting from her other mothers and me. It is A Rambo- "Whitney Stripe". The "Newmarket" would look fabulous on Ink!

    Jane Relief indeedy..just breathing in and out...still shocky somwhat. It really took a toll on my system to be treated like that way. My mother is even furious.
    Better days ahead for the mare and I...beach ride maybe this wkend!

  7. I am so thrilled you found the perfect place.

  8. One happy horse! I love your opening photo - crystal clear - looks like heaven!

  9. Lori yea...some ammenities are just not worth the hastle of being under scrutiny all the time

    JC thanks...we both have watery headers of peaceful views!

    Gail yes, more perfect in leadership/authority for me.

  10. What a great shot of Wa! Moving is stressful for both our horses and us, looks like she is really happy. So glad to hear she is at peace now.

  11. Tara yep, me too!The mare is still getting acclimated and tomorrow I do some more with another horse buddie she has been turned out with before. She will be much happier with company!

  12. And you should! She loves you, too. It's plain to see that she is letting you know how much happier she is now and how much she knows you are to thank for that. I can just sense the joy!

    From you and Wa both! Yay!!

    I am so incredibly happy for you Kacykins!!

    ~HUGS for you and Wa,

  13. Kac,
    So good to hear from you. I love it that you and Wa are in a better place! She's responding so well to it in the video. It has taken me a long time to really understand my horses. I started this journey back in 2004 although our daughter showed our eldest mare, I was a supporter not a trainer at the time. We've learned a lot through mistakes made but our equine friends are so forgiving of us when we fail them in any way. Just give yourself some time and grace she'll respond when you least expect it... the way you long for her to. Have fun with her, she's beautiful! Lu

  14. Very playful! Good for her, looks like she's happy in the new place and sounds like you are too.
    I watched the horse art video and have to wonder why is it that when ever you see videos like that, the horses have their ears flat back and just looked pissed off! but it's still cool to watch of course:-)

  15. did I miss this??? As usual, your Wa mare is elegant and graceful as she run, bucks, and plays in her new field.

    Soooooo glad that you are both happy at your new place!! :)

    PS-thanks for the lovely videos' as well!!

  16. Looks like a great place, and she looks VERY happy!!
    And i haven't visited here for a while but i LOOOOOOVE your new header pic. :)

  17. K, Oh so happy you have found a lovley place for the Wa. You sound much better and I am sure you will have a much better outlook now that your dear is in good hands.

  18. Yesseree!
    She is in such good hands I am not missing amenites I thought I would!
    You would not believe how much calmer she is! I guess what got to me spred to her and she also was in a dire need of relocation. Just refreshing to know I can please and be pleased ...taint too difficult I am finding!

  19. Soooo beautiful. It does make you want to cry to see it. Nothing sweeter than a happy horse. We took our two horses down to ride in the park today and splash through the running water in the wash. They loved it.

  20. she seems to say

    "if only for this moment you were a horse, then you could feel the joy today and play with me"

  21. That first pic is definitely one of my favorites of Wa!!


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