Monday, March 23, 2009

My World with a horse

Last week I stopped by a girlfriends stable . She had invited me to come on by and watch her ride her green mare and to talk about me trailering on over from time to time to ride trails and use the arena.
She and I met a few barns ago and have longed to ride together ever since. When she found out I was no longer at my old boarding facility and she dicovered where I am now...she just beamed with delight, saying, "You are right by me now!"
I took some "artisticly blurry" photo's of her riding that day.

So, She has offered to help me with my mare at her facility that is humble and has no desire for pretenses! My style, and hers too, apparently.
She has a very active minded mare that has presented her with many obsticles in the past, so she feels very confident in helping me with my Washsashe mare.
I got to my stable in plenty of time to clean up my dirty tack and clean up my very dirty horse...I called too late for the blanket to be left on, so she had double muddied herself today just for this occasion.
Double meaning, both sides opposed to one sided muddying, like normal.
I dolled her with these special braiders called "Sweet & Neat EZ braiders." They are white rolled plastic that allows you to appear to have braided and threaded embroidery thread knots ,like for real shows!
She looked nice.Who else do we have to get all dolled up for?
She almost hopped into the she usually does.. but I had to tell her we were coming back...NOT MOVING!
I was so proud of her...she did well with the new environment and we got quite a few comments that we had really been doing nice work up to now. Which is awesome...I have done it all on the trails and without an arena!

You really CAN practice dressage on trails folks!!

All in all, it was fabulous and we have made some future riding times now. My Private barn owner will be joining me , I think ,in a few weeks too. We are talking schooling shows and my new riding-mentor mentioned this quite a few times as we did somethings correctly. When we did not, she mentioned what the judges would be looking for. I tucked the mare into her stall and she was contentedly munching hay as I left the drive, staring out her window on the world.

On the way home I stopped by our local, privately owned, Green Grocer store. A favorite hang out of mine. The Owner is in love with a white gelding she used to brush and handle every day a few years back. The owners gave him away or sold him and she lost track of him. She tracked him down a short time ago, but is not able to have the same relationship with him as before. She pines for her horsey friend and when walked in all dirty and horsehaired up...she grinned and told me that I was super healthy because I had my heart's desire with my mare.I offered to take her out and we could groom the horses together and then take a hand walk with them too...she was sooo excited. Me too! Next Wednesday, we endeavor to take on the dirt.

This special shop owner is endearing to me and really saved me last year when I got a frantic call from my mother in heart attack mode..literally. I ended up canceling my days work to rush her to the hospital. I knew it could be a long and harrowing day so while my mom was being transferred to another hospital ,via ambulance, to put in a pace maker. I quickly called my Green Grocer gal and she cooked up an "Amy's Breakfast Burrito" for me and I did the hand off thing while I drove was the only sustenance I got all day..she totally saved me!Mom has now had her year anniversary, Valentines day!

Here is her beautiful store In Oregon City.

Today was just about the best day I have had in a l o n g time!
The combination of having truly positive folks around me and meeting new ones that are seemingly cut from the same cloth.

Then the topper was to be able to inspire someone by just having the guts to show up in a public venue to shop (I am outa Coffee beans) with breaches on, bright blue polka dot socks over them and a goodly amount of horsehair, mud and desperately dirty fingernails!

Things are really coming together for the mare and I for our future riding abilities and associations for change and growth . Not only for myself but for my lovely Private Stable Owner !
Thankful to heaven ...I am going to bed tonight satisfied and even more accepting for all that
has occurred to me in the near past, for our betterment!

Please do click HERE and travel all over the world and see what things others are up and down to.


  1. The picture of Wa gazing out the door is stunning! Well done, my friend!

    The joy is just pouring out as each day more wonderful things are happening for you. I am so happy for you!

    You said "breaches on, bright blue polka dot socks over them and a goodly amount of horsehair, mud and desperately dirty fingernails!"

    Those items are more beautiful than any fancy ball gown, dolled up hair and fru fru manicures. I'm sure you looked glowingly beautiful walking into the place that all eyes were on you just for your joy and confidance shining from your eyes!

    Love you!

  2. I love your post! Love the quaintness of the town and your shots of the horse in action and even the one in the stable. Wish I knew how to ride but am always fascinated riding and horses. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kacy, I love your world! Reading your blog always make me want to come by and have a cup of coffee with you!

    Loved the green grocer store by the way. We have our green grocer (man) who delivers locally made produce at the door three times a week. That's not a bad concept either!

  4. What a great day! I have started to keep an extra pair of shoes in my truck so that when I am out and about in muddy breeches I can rest assured that I am not tracking manure into the grocery store. Otherwise I have no concern about looking horsey in public -- and there are so many horsey people around here that I am rarely the only one.

    persi: cola with a dash of perspiration

  5. I heart "She and I met a few barns ago" ;) and it is a lovely store.

  6. I enjoyed your photos and post. You live in a beautiful world. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I LOVE that pic of Wa looking out her window. Such a positive post! I have no doubt you can do dressage on the trail- I haven't ridden in a ring for years! So you must be pretty close by to your new/old lesson friend...awesome!
    That Green Grocer store is so cute! I'd have no probs walking in with my breeches and mix-matched socks- I never wear matching socks, I'm too lazy to find a match. I've learned that when you go in a store with your horse clothes on it's best to not look anyone in the eye and walk confidently like you own the store, lol.
    Congrats to your mom's year+ Annv'!

  8. Pretty post. I like that storefront and the mare with her head in the window.

  9. your Photos ALWAYS rock!
    You can just see your ear to ear grin in your posts! That was a good door that God opened for you - for sure! Loved that little grocery! And you seem to have a great network of friends! Sorry to hear about your mom, but isnt God wonderful! Happy to hear she is doing well!
    Wa looks georgous! I need to get one of those EZ braiders!
    Good Luck with Wa....You are where the two of you need to be...great things ahead for you!!! Great talking to you, I'm going to the doctor today to get my toe looked at...I'll probably call you soon to completly WHINE about it! LOL

  10. Great post, Kacy! Lovely picture of Wa in the stall. So glad you are in such a good place now, so great for the two of you.
    Glad to hear that your mom is doing well! Yea!
    The little store is so cute, wish we had something like that here.
    Ride on!!!

  11. I go to the grocery store covered in horse hair and dirt all the time! We would totally be buddies if we lived closer together.

    What's going on with Wa that your friend is going to help with? Hopefully just some "eyes on the ground" - I hope she's not doing anything terrible!

  12. I live near Oregon City. I'd love to check out the Green Grocer, but I have never seen it before. Could you tell me how to find it?

  13. Thanks for sharing your world. It's so interesting reading about your and your horse and the other people in your "horse world." Sounds like such a cozy environment and you sound so excited about your horse. I think it's wonderful. :-)

  14. So very happy for you Kac!! It's so hard while going through those trials and tribulations to remember to be thankful. Those are lessons in life that are of such value to us after we've passed through them. We emerge the other side a stronger and much better person. Like Ray always said, "You have to go through them to get past them". Good for you my little friend!!

  15. Lisa Thanks sweet..I do feel a release and joy as if out from under such a heavy wieght as before!
    haha! Well, good thing is, I go to Gwen's GG because of her and also because at any given time, I will most likely be the only one there!
    I agree, love the feeling of hard work and it shows...all over the clothes!

    Jenn So glad you came by and enjoyed!

    Esther Oh!! That is EXACTLY the way I think as I am reading yours..your endearing smile is engaging and welcoming!
    Awesome to have the GG man!

    DP yep...I am with you on the good shoes-at least- have an host of them at the barn on a rack under my tack bench!
    I have certain stores I go to when dressed horsey around here...or I stop people in the isles.
    Teehehe- that word was funny!

    Koala Tis a nicer way to say former. The store is a gem!

    Pam Thanks for stopping to see me!

    Lester's girl I also love the way Wa looks out her window...I may repeat the picture- many times over- as I am in love with her relaxed attitude here!
    hahahaha! I DO HATE finding the matches too...well, that is one way of doing it!
    Yep, mom is doing quite her sight is going...trying to get her to go in an a small farm for us all and I would take her shopping Dr's and grocery, andI would do the yard and clean th4e house..and she could see the mare daily.

    Louise Thanks, The store is a beauty...will get a shot of it during the daytime

    Thanks Rae for being such a dear!
    DO call and I will eat crackers with your W(h)ine! "-"ouch!

    Jane... you will be posting soon like this with your Gilly!! "Posting"!!!

    Funder I miss the Cedar Shavings of my second stable...boy did I smell good all the time!
    Well, the Wa was abused by a Cowboy that tied her into frame and spurred her and yanked her mouth...her memeory is too too good for anything of the nature and I am green so sometimes I block her slighty and she is a drama queen so she has gone up a few times and bucked pretty violently so... Last night was a lightbuld friend really helped me to not compensate for the thing that had not occured yet but to post and trot forward and ask her to match me..I was posting smaller to avoid a mishap..but was bringing it on myself by doing so...She is a VERY over the top sensitive mare.
    In will be awesome..but now, I am learing to be quiet and direct. She is teaching me TONS!

    Hi WilsonC lets meet there sometime soon!!
    It is on Molalla Avenue across from the Grocery Outlet(my husbands Fav)I will come over and give more soon...Kacy

    2sweet thanks...yea, it is a cozy place with some really wonderful freinds and the joy and healing of the Equine! Thanks for saying hello!

    Lorie dear Hi yes, too true...through the fire to be polished and purified!

  16. Hey KK
    sounds like things have turned. Good for you!! Happy all is well in your world take care and talk soon

  17. Love the last pic, you have a beautiful horse.

  18. I love hearing about your new opportunities. I sometimes wonder when I am frustrated and poor (due to horses) why I do it...When it's good, it is so good! I have yet to find anything that is so gratifying.

    As for your "outfit", I get interesting looks all the time due to either the amount of dirt I am wearing or the interesting combination of boots, sox, and breeches.

    Snazzy artsy photos!

  19. lovely post and i will try and catch up with your posts so i know what has been going on.

    beautiful shots.

    have a great day

  20. Kacy-

    I am so glad that things have brightened considerably for you lately!!! And impossibly dirty fingernails??? The mark of a true horse!!!!

  21. Jewel Yes the worm has turned and getting fatter!

    Arija Thank you very much! Thanks for comming by

    Tara Now that I know that I will always(God Willing) have a horse I have to choose correctly for the care. It is miserablew woithout that peace of mind..I lost it with the last folks who were only interseted in making the $.
    I am sighing relief now!
    THOSE pics I labelled "Artsy" because...that was the best I oucld do with my point and shoot!!

    Erin Oh, thats nice of you to wish to catch up! Thanks for stopping by and I will come visit too!~

    Mellie Mee to girlfriend..whew sighing here!
    The kind of impossible dirt is because it only comes out with an hour soak in the tub!

  22. I am so happy for you that things have finally worked out the way you wanted them too. Hope you and your green grocer have a lot of laughs when you get together and it's also so nice that you will be having lessons and even more fun shortly. You and your mare certainly deserve it. Good luck.

  23. Excellent post.I wish i could do horse riding.

  24. Kacy, the "posting" post is on my blog!! LOL

  25. Things happen for a reason happy that you found your contentment. Thanks for going to the Expo with me...great company and you were so helpful in helping me check out all those trailers. I posted our Rick Lamb pic on my blog.

  26. I love how you appreciate the simple things in life.

    Cheers to good friends - good food and good horses :)

    patrina <")>><


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